Suggested Resources

Here are a selection of the resources the committee is using to help guide the early stages of our process:



Current Williams Codes of Conduct/Guidelines for Speakers:

Student Code of Conduct from the Student Handbook

Staff Code of Conduct  from the Staff Handbook

Faculty Code of Conduct from the Faculty Handbook  – See Appendix E (pp. 171-3)

OSL Information about Outside Speakers & Performers

Williams 2017 accreditation report (pages 103-4 discuss intellectual freedom)


Opinion Pieces/Letters to the Editor in The Record:

Letter to the Editor: Why the College Should Not Ban Campus Speakers (Cheryl Shanks, 11/14/2018)

Opinion: Protecting free speech: When being ‘right’ is not enough (Essence Perry ‘22, 12/5/2018)

Opinion: In support of free speech: What we can learn from exposure to multiple ideas (Luana Maroja, 12/5/2018)

Opinion: Changing the terms of the ‘free speech’ debate: Confronting national anxieties towards campus diversity (Coalition Against Racist Education NOW (CARE NOW), 12/5/2018)

Editorial: On the Chicago Statement: Recognizing nuance and encouraging collaborative conversations around expression (Editorial Board, 12/5/2018)

Opinion: Standing with the free exchange of ideas: Understanding the Faculty Petition and the Chicago Statement (Steve Gerrard, David Gürçay-Morris and Luana Maroja, 1/23/2019)

Opinion: The right to protest: Understanding the Chicago Principles (Luana Maroja and Keith McPartland, 2/6/2019)

News: Members for ad hoc free speech committee announced (Samuel Wolf, Executive Editor, 2/6/19)



American Association of University Professors (AAUP):

AAUP Main page

On Freedom of Expression and Campus Speech Codes

Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students