Ad Hoc Committee on Posting and Protest Policies


The Ad Hoc Committee on Posting and Protest Policies is charged with reviewing and recommending changes, if any, to the college’s existing policies that describe the permitted means of protesting and of sharing posters, flyers, banners and other similar materials on campus.

In considering those policies, the committee is expected to be guided by the college’s educational mission and by its core commitments to freedom of expression and inquiry and to building a community in which everyone can live, learn, and thrive. The resulting proposed policies should reflect those broad commitments while providing clear guidance to the college and its community members.

The committee, consisting of seven members, will be formed by the President and will include two students, two faculty members, and two staff members and will be chaired by the college’s Associate General Counsel. The committee should seek out and consider input from a broad array of constituents on campus.

The committee is expected to begin its work in February 2024 and to present written recommendations to the President and to Senior Staff in the spring of 2024. The committee’s report should include recommendations for proposed changes to existing policies, together with brief explanations of the reasons for those changes, or an explanation of the committee’s decision that no changes are advised. If the committee is unable to reach consensus on any particular issue, it should provide a brief description of its assessment of policy options and their relative merits.

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Laura Gura, Associate General Counsel (chair)
Alexander Bevilacqua, Associate Professor of History
Jeff Malanson, Senior Associate Dean for Administration, Finance, and Strategy
David Ribner ’26
Neil Roberts, Associate Dean of the Faculty, John B. McCoy and John T. McCoy Professor of Africana Studies, Political Theory, and the Philosophy of Religion
Ariella Scheer ’26
D. Clinton Williams, Assistant Vice President Diversity, Equity & Inclusion / Director, Pathways for Inclusive Excellence Office / Co-Director, The Davis Center