Ad Hoc Transportation Working Group

Assembled in Fall 2023, this group seeks to explore and address some of the consistent transportation needs in our region and specifically how they impact the day-to-day lives of employees, spouses/partners, and students.

Our goals align with larger sustainability, recruitment/retention and equity priorities at the college.

We aim to:

  • First and foremost, simplify access to transportation information. A specific goal is to support the design and population of a new Transportation Hub website centrally located within our network.
  • Research actual needs and where the pain points are most prevalent.
  • Explore peer institution initiatives, tech and small-town solutions to the Williams community’s needs.
  • Short-term: propose easier short term fixes, pilots, or add-ons to support needs, such as developing a rideshare app or expanding weekly student shuttle service to local shops.
  • Longer-term: develop proposals for funding tangible and far-reaching initiatives, as well as support college advocacy of improved local transportation.

What have we completed?

As of 1/2024 we have reviewed, compiled and organized existing resources which are in at least 20 locations on the Williams website, but best collected right now on this Sustainability page

We then put together a new Transportation Hub document to hold all transportation information in one spot. At this point, we are looking to the larger community to crowdsource this doc and improve its content. Please use this google form to give feedback, edits and additions. Thank-you!

Working Group Members

Rohit Bhattacharya- Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Corinne Greenblatt- Senior Data Analyst, Institutional Research

Cecilia Hirsch– Manager, Spouse/Partner Resources (main contact for this group)

John Landolfe- Spouse/Partner and Transportation Options Coordinator at Oregon Health & Science University

Allen Pope- Spouse/Partner and Program Director at National Science Foundation (NSF)

Kate Richardson- Academic Technology Consultant, OIT