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Support for Travel Programs

Williams in Africa seeks to set up several summer programs and more WSPs in other countries in Africa beginning with Uganda and Senegal to complement the semester-long South African program in Cape Town. As in South Africa, Williams College has a history in these countries. Over the last four years,… Continue reading »


Uganda Fieldwork Pilot Project Five Williams student stipends ($2000+$1600airfare=$3600) Research team leader stipend & travel expenses Site-based management Ugandan trainer Research supplies & expenses (office supplies, host family payments) Fieldwork pilot subtotal $18,000 $7,000 $1,000 $500 $2,600 $29,100 Budget Breakdown Accommodation, food, bottled water & local travel: $300/week per student… Continue reading »

Key Proposals

We propose to establish a program that has three main commitments. First, we propose that Williams together with EPRI organize a seminar/tutorial on social and political issues in contemporary South Africa. The course will be offered jointly through the Williams in Africa program as well as EPRI’s Parliamentary capacity building… Continue reading »


Uganda Project Summary Measuring Care Labor in AIDS-Affected Households Proposal for Pilot Summer Program, Uganda, 2009 Kiaran Honderich Economics Department, Williams College We propose to bring a group of students from Williams College to Uganda for 6 weeks during June and July 2008, to do joint field… Continue reading »

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