Communications Advisory Group

Effective communications are fundamental to Williams’ health and identity. They shape our sense of our institution and community; help us recruit people and keep them invested and engaged; support collaboration; aid transparency; and keep us informed and safe. The Communications Advisory Group (CAG), led by the Williams Office of Communications, strives to continually improve Williams’ standards for such work in its many forms.

CAG is made up of college staff members whose roles require formal communication with campus or external audiences or have a direct bearing on such efforts. The group serves as a forum in which fellow professionals can share information and expertise, discuss emerging opportunities and challenges, test ideas, and model and sometimes codify best practices that support better communications at Williams.

Questions or comments about CAG’s work can be directed to the committee’s chair, Chief Communications Officer Jim Reische.

Sample CAG topics

  • Crisis communications training and enhancements
  • Improvements to Daily Messages and the college event calendars
  • Promoting HR/Benefits initiatives and opportunities
  • Sustainability programs and communications
  • [email protected]
  • College marketing and institutional identity standards
  • Teach It Forward campaign communications and updates
  • Presidential induction planning

CAG Members, 2020–21

Joellen Adae, Director of Communications, Williams College Museum of Art
Ashley Bianchi, Director of Financial Aid
Paula Consolini, Adam Falk Director, Center for Learning in Action
Brooks Foehl ’88, Director of Alumni Relations
Pamela Franks, Class of ’56 Director of the Williams College Museum of Art
Keli Gail, Assistant to the President and Secretary of the College
Danielle Gonzalez, Director of Human Resources
Aaron Gordon, Director of Student Administrative Affairs, Strategy, and Planning, Dean of the College
Carrie Greene ’84, Director of Commencement and Academic Events
Eden-Reneé Hayes, Director, Davis Center
Kate Heekin, Associate Director of Admission
Meike Kaan, Associate Vice President for Communications
Don Kjelleren, Director, Class of ’68 Center for Career Exploration
Barron Koralesky, Chief Information Officer
Sulgi Lim ’06, Director of Admission
Amy Lovett, Editor in Chief
Molly Magavern, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Jonathan Miller, Director of Libraries
Megan Morey, Vice President for College Relations
Katherine Myers ’85, Development Communications Manager
Jim Reische, Chief Communications Officer (CAG chair)
Greg Shook, Director of Media Relations
Christine Seibert, Sustainability Coordinator, Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Tanja Srebotnjak, Director, Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Tamanika Steward, Assistant Dean for Sophomore Students
Carl Strolle, Director of Web Strategy and Development
Robert White, Director of Parent and Family Programs
Gillian Wood ’14, Assistant Director of Admission
Abby Wood Meczywor ’10, Associate Director of Digital Strategy and Senior Writer


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