Design Review Committee

Williams’ architecture reflects the college’s evolution over more than two centuries. The diversity and quality of our buildings, both in age and architectural style, contributes to our living and learning environment while at the same time presenting distinct challenges to design and construction professionals.

Since 2015, the Design Review Committee (DRC) has provided guidance on design issues pertaining to our campus visual and aesthetic environment, helping ensure that new architecture is both of high quality and appropriate to its context. The Office of Planning, Design and Construction seeks guidance from the Committee on the appearance of our built environment, and members share ideas and perspectives with each project’s building committee. Architects are required to make presentations to the DRC prior to completion of each of the three phases of design for any project that will be significantly visible to the public.

The committee comprises three faculty members and one senior staff member with rotating three-year terms; an architect with fixed membership; and another, rotating staff member with a three-year term. The Associate Vice President for Facilities is the final member and chairperson.

Working in concert with the DRC, an expanded version of the Committee, known as DRC-L, is charged with reviewing and providing similar input on our unbuilt environment.

DRC members 2023-24

Lisa Dorin, Deputy Director of Curatorial Engagement, Williams College Museum of Art
Guy Hedreen, Amos Lawrence Professor of Art
Scott Henderson, Senior Project Manager, Planning, Design and Construction
Megan Morey, Vice President for College Relations
Murad K. Mumtaz, Assistant Professor of Art
Associate Vice President for Facilities (chair)

Additional DRC-L members, 2023-24

Tim Roberts, Manager, Horticulture and Grounds
Felicity Purzycki, Landscape Ecology Coordinator
Mike Evans, Deputy Director, Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
Henry W. Art, Rosenburg Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology, Emeritus