Committee on Diversity & Community

The Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC), formerly the Commission on Campus Race Relations (CCRR), focuses on issues of diversity and community on campus and makes recommendations on both curricular and extracurricular matters with the intention of promoting better understanding between and among groups on campus. The CDC, comprising faculty, staff, and students, is charged with examining the health of our Williams community with respect to diversity and inclusion. In addition, the CDC discusses problems and proposes initiatives with regard to the College’s commitment to educate students for engagement with our increasingly diverse world.

For the past few years, the Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC) has discussed ways to learn about, reflect on, and acknowledge Williams College’s histories including the roles that many members of the community, broadly understood, have played in those histories and the impacts that College actions have had on many different community members. Drawing on recommendations from the CDC and the diversity, equity, and inclusion working group’s strategic planning report, this year the CDC is charged with comprehensively engaging with Williams’s histories with the goal of imagining and crafting practices of communally accountable institutional memory that reflects the complexity and diversity of the College’s histories.

Membership 2020-2021


Jacqueline M. Hidalgo, Co-Chair, OIDEI; Latina/o/x Studies; and Religion
Ethan Barron, Athletics
Johanna Breiding, Art
Christine DeLucia, History
Christopher Goh, Chemistry; Davis Center (OIDEI)
Shinko Kagaya, Japanese
Shikha Singh, Computer Science
Chad Topaz, Mathematics and Statistics

Bilal Ansari, Co-Chair, OIDEI
Twink Burns, Admission and Financial Aid
Jennifer Ceolinski, OIDEI
Lisa Conathan, Archives
Leila Derstine, Alumni Relations
Jessika Drmacich, Archives
Valerie Bailey Fischer, Chaplains Office
Pam Franks, WCMA (Museum)
Eden-Reneé Hayes, Davis Center (OIDEI)
Leticia S. E. Haynes, OIDEI
Nancy Macauley, Campus Safety
Jessica Neal, Archives
Christina Sanborn, Facilities
Anthony Pernell-McGee, 68 Center for Career Exploration
Clinton Williams, Special Academic Programs (OIDEI)

Essence Perry ‘22, Student Co-Chair
Taylor Braswell 23
Ethan Dinçer 23
Maria Estrada 23
Dacia Green 21
Mohammed Memfis 21
Amy Lam 22
Vanessa Oeien 22
Hazel Richards 23
Morinsola Tinubu 23