Campus Environmental Advisory Committee

The Campus Environmental Advisory Committee (3 Faculty-6 ex officio-3 Students) acts as a forum for communication among students, faculty, staff, and administrators on environmental matters; advises and works to develop policy on matters of environmental stewardship in the operation of the College; assists in developing relevant environmental resources and strategies for Williams; and fosters a sense of shared environmental responsibility among various constituencies and individuals on campus.

Appointed faculty membership includes the chair of the committee and two other faculty members, appointed by the Dean of the Faculty. Student membership consists of three students appointed by the College Council. The committee’s ex officio members are the Director of Facilities Management, the Director of Design and Construction, the Director of Dining Services, the Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives, the Chief Technology Officer, and the Director of the Center for Environmental Studies.

The committee reports to the President of the College and to the college community as a whole. In keeping with the committee’s mission, members of the college community may attend meetings at the discretion of the chair.


  • Heather Williams (Chair)
  • Jessica Fisher
  • Giuseppina Forte
  • Director of Facilities Management
  • Director of Design and Construction
  • Director of Dining Services
  • Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Director of the Center for Environmental Studies
  • Oscar Newman ’25 (Student Chair)
  • Hikaru Hayakawa ’24 
  • Emma Hennessy ’26

For more information, visit the CEAC website.