Curricular Planning Committee


The Curricular Planning Committee is composed of 6 faculty, 3 staff, and no students (6-3-0).

The Curricular Planning Committee analyzes the college-wide curriculum, investigating changes over time and exploring questions about its future. The CPC coordinates conversations among academic units as they make curricular plans and staffing requests. It assesses all new curricular initiatives for their long-term curricular and staffing implications and communicates its views to the CEA before they are brought to the faculty for discussion and a vote. The CPC makes its analysis of the curriculum available for faculty discussion. In light of its analysis and faculty input, the CPC makes recommendations to the CAP on the allocation of faculty positions to departments and programs; a summary of these recommendations is made available to the faculty. After the CAP completes its allocation of faculty positions, the CPC and CAP analyze the staffing decisions for the faculty.

The six faculty members of the CPC (one from the assistant or associate ranks and one from the full professor rank from each division) are elected by the faculty; the committee members designate one member to serve as the faculty chair. The President, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Provost are members of the Committee. Elected faculty serve a three-year term on the committee, with a minimum of two years.

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  • Magnús Bernhardsson
  • Mea Cook
  • Rónadh Cox
  • Edan Dekel
  • Keith McPartland
  • Zachary Wadsworth
  • President
  • Dean of the Faculty
  • Provost