Faculty Review Panel

The Faculty Review Panel is composed of 12 faculty, no staff, and no students (12-0-0). New members are to be added pending October 2018 election.

The Faculty Review Panel is composed of twelve faculty members who stand available to serve, at the request of the Chair of the Faculty Steering Committee, as members of a review committee or hearing committee in cases involving Appeals of Reappointment or Promotion Decisions, Termination for Cause, or Imposition of Sanctions other than Dismissal. The twelve members are also members of the standing panel from which the President appoints a grievance committee to hear cases of alleged discrimination (see Non-Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures).


Julie Blackwood

Corinna Campbell

Amal Eqeiq

Jeff Israel

Katharine Jensen

Nate Kornell

Tiku Majumder

Gage McWeeny

Steve Nafziger

Lee Park

Bernie Rhie

Mason Williams

Election to the Faculty Review Panel

The Panel is elected in the same fashion as the Faculty Steering Committee. There are two tenured and two non-tenured members from each division; members normally serve two-year terms; and there is a two-stage election process. Nominations occur at the April meeting and the elections at the May meeting.

If an untenured faculty member on the Faculty Review Panel comes up for a tenure review during his or her term, he or she will be replaced on the Panel at the beginning of the academic year in which they are considered for tenure. These untenured slots will be filled following the regular two-stage election process. Nominations will occur at the September faculty meeting and the elections at the October faculty meeting.

A faculty member may not be a member of the Faculty Steering Committee and the Faculty Review Panel at the same time. A faculty member sitting on or elected to the Faculty Steering Committee is not eligible to be elected to the Faculty Review Panel. If a member on the Faculty Review Panel is elected to the Faculty Steering Committee, he or she will be replaced on the Panel.

The Faculty Review Panel is replenished on a rolling basis when a member has completed service on a tenure review committee or other appeal or hearing committee as defined above. The member is released from the rest of his or her two-year term on the Panel, and nominations and an election will be held over the next two faculty meetings to replace him or her with a faculty member of the same division and tenure status. The newly elected member serves a two-year term from the time of his or her election.