Faculty Steering Committee

The Faculty Steering Committee is composed of 6 faculty, no staff, and no students (6-0-0).

The Faculty Steering Committee is the committee most broadly and directly responsible for representing faculty concerns. An elected committee, its principal goal is to facilitate effective participation by the faculty in the conduct of College business and to bring issues of faculty concern to the attention of other committees.

More specifically, the Faculty Steering Committee and the President jointly have the power to convene faculty meetings and to set their agenda. The Committee, in consultation with the Dean of the Faculty, advises the President on the appointment of faculty to standing committees, nominates candidates for election to the Committee on Educational Affairs, Curricular Planning Committee and the Faculty Compensation Committee, and it also appoints the at-large members of the latter committee. The Committee acts, in addition, as a liaison between other faculty committees and the faculty as a whole. The President consults with the Committee on appointments to the administrative positions of Dean of the Faculty, Provost, Dean of the College, and other administrative positions. The Committee also meets periodically with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees. It is available to the President, other administrative officers, and the Board of Trustees for consultation on any matter of interest to the faculty.

The Committee plays a major role in appeals procedures.

The Committee has six members, one tenured and one non-tenured elected from each of the three divisions.


  • Jeffrey Israel (Chair)
  • Jeannie Albrecht
  • Nicole Brown
  • Anna Plantinga
  • Phi Su
  • Saadia Yacoob
  • Janneke van de Stadt

Election to the Faculty Steering Committee

Balloting for the nominations for the tenured and non-tenured divisional elected members normally occurs during the February faculty meeting, and the election during the March meeting. Terms are ordinarily for two years. The Committee designates its own chair from among its members. Assistant professors who have been reappointed to a position with tenure are eligible for election to the tenured positions. Should a member resign at the end of one year, the vacated position will revert to a two-year position. Should a member resign more than three months prior to balloting time, the newly-elected member will serve out the year plus one additional year. No member is eligible for re-election until at least one year after his or her full term has expired.