Honor & Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is composed of 8 faculty, 1 staff, and 8 students (8-1-8)

The Discipline Committee hears and decides, either on direct referral by the Dean of the College or on appeal of the Dean’s decision, cases that involve violations of individual rights or the rules of student conduct. It also hears cases of alleged discrimination when both parties are students. The faculty member who chairs the Discipline Committee serves also as one of the four faculty advisors to the Honor System Committee. The Dean of the College is an ex officio member, who votes only when there is a tie in cases referred directly to the Discipline Committee by the Dean. (See Student Handbook, “Discipline and Disciplinary Proceedings” and “Non-Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedures, III.”)

Faculty Membership

  • Justin Shaddock (Chair)
  • Kelly Chung
  • Charlie Doret
  • Marjorie Hirsch
  • Brittany Meché
  • Carolyn Miles
  • Pallavi Sen
  • Aaron Williams
  • The Dean of the College

For student membership, see the Honor System website.

The Committee’s Work

The Honor and Discipline Committee is made up of eight students, eight faculty, and the Dean of the College. The secretary to the Dean of the College assists committee members with their work, helping to schedule hearings, find rooms and equipment, collate evidence, and maintain records.

Student members are elected by their peers in September. There are two seats per class year. The Dean designates one student as chair. The Faculty Steering Committee appoints eight faculty members, striving for a balance among divisions and a mix of experience levels with the committee. The FSC designates a Faculty Chair.

Honor hearings include eight student members, four faculty members (including the faculty chair) and the dean, who act as questioners, advisors, and the recording secretary. Only the students may vote. The faculty members rotate.