Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology Committee is composed of 4 faculty, 5 administrators, and 3 students (4-5-3).

The Committee on Information Technology monitors and recommends policies for faculty, staff, and student use of information technology throughout the college. It meets regularly to review and provide feedback to the college on plans for developing technology-related policies and resources. The committee is chaired by a faculty member, with the other three faculty members representing each of the three divisions. The Provost, the Chief Information Officer, and the Librarian are ex officio members. The Provost and Chief Information Officer are non-voting members. Two administrative staff members are appointed by the Provost. The committee regularly invites other members of the community to participate as non-voting consultants on particular issues.


  • Melissa Barry
  • Deborah Brothers
  • Nate Kornell
  • Samuel McCauley
  • The Provost
  • Chief Information Officer
  • College Librarian
  • Provost appointees, Todd Hoffman and Mary Morrison