Lecture Committee

The Lecture Committee is composed of 3 faculty, 1 staff, and 3 students (3-1-3)

The Lecture Committee selects, schedules, and makes arrangements for visiting lecturers who would be of interest to the College community. The committee frequently works in conjunction with departments, programs, and administrative offices of the College to co-sponsor appearances. While the Lecture Committee is not the only source of funds for this purpose, it is an important one. The Director of Commencement and Academic Events serves as an ex officio voting member.

The Lecture Committee, through a subcommittee composed only of its faculty members, also invites Williams faculty colleagues to present public lectures in the annual Faculty Lecture Series, which occur each Thursday in the first half of the spring semester. The chair of the subcommittee need not be the same as the chair of the main committee.

Requests for funds are due no later than September 23, 2021 for the fall and March 17 (changed from February 17), 2022 for the spring.

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The memo for fall 2021 funding is here.

For information on planning your event and setting up speaker contracts, click here.


  • Steven Fein
  • Joel Lee
  • Katarzyna Pieprzak
  • Carrie Greene, Director of Commencement and Academic Events
  • Jaya Alagar ’22
  • Alison Zhang ’24
  • Tasnim Anika ’24