Library Committee

The Library Committee is composed of 3 faculty, 4 staff, and 4 students (3-4-4).

The Library Committee makes recommendations on matters of library policy, including allocation of the purchasing budget among the academic departments. Its three faculty members represent each of the three divisions, and one or more serve concurrently on the Chapin Library Committee. The College Librarian, the Custodian of the Chapin Library, Chief Technology Officer, and the Provost are ex officio members.


  • Carmen Whalen (Chair)
  • Jimmy Blair
  • M. Jennifer Bloxam
  • The College Librarian
  • Custodian of the Chapin Library
  • The Provost
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Hannah Antonellis, Class of 2018
  • Yu Bai, Class of 2018
  • Nicholas J. Dehn, Class of 2018
  • Geff Fischer, Class of 2018
  • Jonathan R. Hall, Class of 2019

Ex officio Members:

  • David Pilachowski, Director of Libraries
  • Wayne Hammond, Interim Custodian of the Chapin Library
  • Barron Koralesky, Chief Information Officer (OIT)
  • Chris Winters, Associate Provost (Office of the Provost)

News, Reports & Minutes

For more information, visit the Library Committee website.