Library Committee

The Library Committee is composed of 3 faculty, 4 staff, and 4 students (3-4-4)

The Library Committee reviews and recommends policies for the Library, with particular attention to the collection budget and to the distribution of resources among academic divisions and units. The Library Committee provides a channel of communication between the Library and the faculty, staff, and students, while also assisting in the assessment and promotion of the Library’s alignment with the needs of the College community.

The Library Committee includes three faculty members who represent the three divisions, one of whom serves as chair of the committee. These three members serve concurrently on the Special Collections Committee, with the same faculty member as chair. The Director of Libraries, Head of Special Collections, Chief Technology Officer, and the Provost or a designated representative are ex officio members.


  • Christian Thorne (Chair)
  • Kenneth Kuttner
  • Amanda Turek
  • Director of Libraries
  • Head of Special Collections
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Provost or designated representative
  • Four Students
  • Henry Ouellette ’26
  •  Jackson Davis ’25
  • One additional student

News, Reports & Minutes

For more information, visit the Library Committee website.