Special Collections Committee

The Special Collections Committee is composed of 3 faculty, 3 staff, and no students (3-3-0)

The Special Collections Committee reviews and recommends policies for Special Collections and advises on budget priorities, new initiatives, and academic programming. The committee reviews purchases by and gifts to Special Collections and is responsible for approving single purchases over a specified dollar amount, as well as larger gifts. The committee works to foster alignment between Special Collections and the needs of the College community. The committee addresses the specific structures and requirements of the Chapin Library and Special Collections, while working together with the Library Committee on broader issues that affect the Libraries as a whole.

The Special Collections Committee includes three faculty members who represent the three divisions, one of whom serves as chair of the committee. These three members serve concurrently on the Library Committee, with the same faculty member as chair. The Head of Special Collections, Chapin Librarian, and Director of Libraries are ex officio members.


  • Christian Thorne (Chair)
  • Kenneth Kuttner
  • Amanda Turek
  • Head of Special Collections
  • Chapin Librarian
  • Director of Libraries