Standing Grievance Panel

The Standing Grievance Panel (SGP) is composed of 12 faculty, 12 staff, and no students (12-12-0).

Members of the SGP are available to serve on adjudication panels in cases of alleged discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct. Once constituted, members of the SGP will be trained, as necessary, on issues related to the college’s Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Policies, as well as on conducting a hearing process that protects victim safety and promotes accountability.

Six faculty members of the Standing Grievance Panel (one tenured and one non-tenured from each division) are elected by the faculty from a slate of two persons nominated by the Faculty Steering Committee from each category. In addition, six members of the SGP are appointed by the Faculty Steering Committee to ensure that the SGP is representative of the diversity (sex, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression) of the faculty at the college. The twelve faculty on the SGP will also consist of at least one faculty member from the Department of Physical Education. Members of the faculty Steering Committee are not eligible to serve on the SGP.


Sarah Allen
Mari Binnie
Jose Constantine
Joan Edwards
Carolyn Miles
Jana Sawicki
Christina Simko
Shikha Singh
Tyran Steward
Janneke Van de Stadt
Ricardo Wilson
David Zimmerman

Julie Fairchild
Crystel Frusciente
Mika Hirai
Barron Koralesky
Dusty Lopez
Nancy Macauley
Robin Meyer
Jabari Powell
Dawn Randall
Ikhlas Safa
Mark Thompson
Nathaniel Wiessner