Undergraduate Life

The Committee on Undergraduate Life (CUL) is composed of 5 faculty, 3 staff, and 6 students (5-3-6).

The Committee on Undergraduate Life recommends policy on all non-academic aspects of student life to the Dean of the College and the Vice President for Campus Life. As a particular concern, the Committee maintains College-wide oversight of the advising services offered to students. The faculty members include a representative from the Athletics Department. There are three ex officio members, The Director of Campus Life, who is a voting member, the Director of the Multicultural Center or designee, who is a non-voting member, and a representative, also non-voting, appointed by the Dean of the College. The students should be selected to reflect the diversity of the student body, with respect to gender, ethnic and socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, class year, neighborhood, and student activities and organizations, including athletics. If College Council does not find this diversity in the pool of applicants, it is hoped that they can reopen the application process for a reasonable length of time so that applicants can be solicited who better reflect the College’s diversity.


  • Steven Nafziger (Chair)
  • Cecilia Chang
  • Scott Lewis
  • Ralph Morrison
  • Saadia Yacoob
  • Douglas Schiazza, Director, Office of Student Life, ex officio
  • Aaron Gordon, Deputy to the Vice President for Campus Life, ex officio
  • Marcela Villada Peacock, Program Coordinator, Multicultural Center
  • 6 students