Winter Study

The Winter Study Program Committee is composed of 5 faculty, 4 staff, and 4 students (5-4-4).

The Winter Study Program Committee recommends policy on the Winter Study Program and assists in the administration of the Program. It reviews all faculty and student projects for approval and allocates the budget provided for the Winter Study Program.

Faculty membership includes at least one representative from each division. The four non-voting ex officio members will be the Associate Dean of the College and Registrar or designee, one librarian, the Coordinator of Experiential Education or designee, and the Director of Instructional Technology or designee.


  • Melissa Barry (Chair)
  • Jeremy Cone
  • Allison Pacelli
  • Christian Thorne
  • Kasumi Yamamoto
  • Barbara Casey, Registrar’s Office, ex officio
  • Paula Consolini, Experiential Education, ex officio
  • Lori Dubois, Libraries, ex officio
  • Trevor Murphy, Information Technology, ex officio
  • 4 students

Winter Study Course Information

For more information, visit the Winter Study Committee website.