Trans Inclusion Committee

The Trans Inclusion Committee, established under the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, is dedicated to designing and sustaining an inclusive environment for transgender and non-binary members of the Williams community. The committee advises on promising practices and makes institutional recommendations.

Membership 2022-2023

Aly Corey, Co-Chair, OIDEI
Dre Finley, Co-Chair, OIDEI
Clinton Williams, Co-Chair, OIDEI

Toya Camacho, OIDEI
James Cart, Provost’s Office
Rachel Coffield, Student Health and Wellness Services
Sara Dubow, Dean of the Faculty’s Office
Christopher Goh, OIDEI
Danielle Gonzalez, Human Resources
Alan Hatton, Registrar’s Office
Leticia Smith-Evans Haynes, OIDEI
Megan Konieczny, Dean of the Faculty’s Office
Barron Koralesky, Information Technology
Lisa Melendy, Athletics
Jonathan Miller, Libraries
Douglas Schiazza, Campus Life
Laini Sporbert, Dean’s Office
Karen Theiling, Student Health and Wellness Services
G. L. M. Wallace, Accessible Education

Jayden Jogwe ’24
Cyrus Naider ’23