Remote & Flexible Work Resources and Readings

Here are a few of the resources that have helped us deepen our understanding of the issues surrounding remote, flexible, and hybrid work arrangements.

HR & Legal Compliance

Remote Work & State Tax Issues

Remote Work & Multistate Compliance

Multistate Compliance for Employers With Out-of-State Remote Employees

Some Remote Workers (and Their Employers) Wrestle With State Income Tax Issue; It Likely Won’t End Once the Pandemic Ends


Various opinions and perspectives on the post-pandemic future of remote work

At Some Colleges, Remote Work Could Be Here to Stay

Why I Worry Remote Schedules Could Mean Fewer Women in the Office

Reimagining Higher Education for the Age of Flexible Work (Colleges shouldn’t expect their employees to work in the same ways they did before the pandemic (opinion))

The hybrid workplace probably won’t last

Why Are Companies Ending Remote Work?

Inside One University’s Hybrid-Work Decision

5 Behavioral Biases That Trip Up Remote Managers