Working Group on Returning for Fall 2020


After the Spring 2020 campus closure in response to the pandemic, President Mandel established two working groups to identify and assess the practical implications of our choices for the Fall 2020 term: to open for a conventional semester, or pursue other options. 

The “returning for fall” working group will identify operational requirements of opening and successfully returning for a residential fall semester. This includes assessing what would be needed in order to anticipate and guard against ongoing effects of the pandemic.

The group will make recommendations to the president and senior staff on how to minimize the likelihood and impact of an outbreak on campus, protecting students, faculty, staff and our community under changing conditions and evolving guidance from public officials. This includes strategies for delivering our academic program, supporting students, ensuring sufficient staffing, and congregating, whether for dining or events, such as lectures, performances and athletic competitions. 

In addition to suggesting public health protocols, the group will develop ideas for technological, behavioral, scheduling, environmental and other changes that will facilitate the implementation of those protocols. 

These recommendations will be responsive to changing conditions locally and globally, especially regarding the extent and severity of future outbreaks and the availability of testing and contact tracing.

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  • Temesgen Araya, Director of Dining Services
  • Jamie Art ’93, General Counsel  
  • Dave Boyer, Director of Campus Safety and Security
  • Rachel Bukanc, Senior Associate Dean of the College
  • Deb Flynn, Director of Medical Services
  • Jeongyoon Han, Class of 2021
  • Jackie Hidalgo, Associate Professor of Latino Studies and of Religion, and Chair of Religion
  • Dan Levering, Assistant Director for Custodial Services and Special Functions
  • Sulgi Lim ’06, Director of Admission
  • Lisa Melendy, Athletic Director
  • Mohammed Memfis, Class of 2021
  • Bojana Mladenovic, Professor of Philosophy (co-chair)
  • Lee Park, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry
  • Fred Puddester, Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer (co-chair)
  • April Ruiz, Associate Dean of the College 
  • Doug Schiazza, Director, Office of Student Life
  • Matt Sheehy, Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Tammi Stuebe, Assistant Director of Human Resources 
  • Bev Tyler, Associate Registrar
  • Abigail Wattley ’05, Managing Director, Investment Office
  • Clinton Williams, Director of Special Academic Programs
  • Rob White, Director of Family and Parent Programs