Claiming Williams: February 6th!

Claiming Williams day is this February 6!  Here’s the calendar

There are lots of events to choose from, but of particular interest to staff might be two meal panels that Brent Wasser and Dining Services have organized.  At lunch,  “Behind the Scenes: Williams Dining Staff Discuss Sustainability” will feature Dining Staff talking about their work.  At dinner, a variety of staff members from different units will talk about their experiences growing and making food (“Staff Speak Sustainable Food”).  Another panel of special interest to staff might be “Bursting the Purple Bubble” (at 2:00), in which students and community members talk about economic issues that affect the area. 
Claiming Williams Day provides a unique opportunity for staff, faculty, and students to come together around issues of common interest.  Staff participation–and the inclusion of staff perspectives and experiences–really enriches the day.  Hope to see you there!

Karen Swann,
For the Claiming Williams Steering Committee