Staff Survey Results

The Williams Staff Committee is very excited to be able to provide the results of the Staff Survey which was conducted by the Committee on Diversity and Community (DART) and our committee!  With a whopping 72% response rate we believe that we now have the opportunity to better understand the thoughts and feelings of our fellow staff members on a whole range of employment related topics.

We have the answers (in percentages) to the questions that were on the survey in both an image file copied below and in PDF format in case you would like to print it out for future reference.  We hope that this information will help generate dialog among staff.  We know that more questions and ideas will develop and hope that you will take the time to contact us in the Williams Staff Committee with your thoughts.  Please, email us at: [email protected].  This survey is only the 1st of many steps that we plan on taking towards our understanding the needs of our fellow staff !

Thank you to all who took time out from their busy schedules to answer the many questions!

Staff Survey (PDF)

Staff Survey