March 2017 KUDOs Recipients

Julie Menard, Assistant Director of Advancement Information Systems, receives her gift card and certificate from Kim Brown, WSC member

The Alumni Fund had to postpone our volunteer deadline due to exceptional circumstances, including multiple different computer glitches and a blizzard. At 4:00 p.m. the night before we were to announce trophy deadlines, Julie discovered that 60-some additional online gifts had not flowed into batches the way they were supposed to, and needed to be manually re-entered in order to appear and be counted correctly. Julie stayed late, and came back after work to complete these gifts, finishing after 8 pm, so that our 1,600 volunteers would be able to know how they finished in the morning.

Submitted by:  Laura Day

Nicole Pedercini and Amy Tatro, WSC members present Mike Newton, Desktop Systems Specialist, with his gift card and certificate

On a Saturday, Mike responded to an email asking for his assistance during the day (his day off) with an iPhone/email issue. Mike scheduled a time and met up with the staff member during one of the athletic events here at the college and provided IT support. (Note: Mike lives in Pittsfield).

Submitted by:  Lynn Melchiori

Ada Moreno, Cook, receives her gift card and certificate from Carol Rand, WSC member

This Winter Study I worked in Paresky Dining Hall for a couple of days. I was quite nervous, and Ada helped me out, introducing me to other workers and showing me the way around. I’m an international student from Ecuador and Ada is an immigrant from Honduras, so we quickly bonded over talking in Spanish and missing food form home. Ada then invited me to go to a Colombian restaurant in Pittsfield. She picked me up on her day off and drove me to La Fogata. She shared with me stories form her life and I was amazed at her strength and resiliency. She is an extraordinarily kind staff member, and I hope she gets some extra recognition.

Submitted by:  Isabel Andrade