Kudos Recipients June 2018

Theresa LePicier receives her Kudos Award with staff surrounding her

Theresa LePicier, Dean’s Office

Theresa, with her smile, is always so supportive and makes me feel calm whenever I see her. She is always greeting you warmly and offering you gum as you walk to the Dean’s Office.She’s been an awesome being to work for when I took up the task of International Storage Supervisor. She always goes out of her way to help any of us. There are a lot of times when I would just not know what to do and she always offered her help in one way or another. She even sacrificed her lunch time even despite a heavy workload just to help me transport my stuff to the international storage because I had seemed anxious about how to move things a week earlier. She extended her help to my other friend and helped us carry the boxes to my friend’s summer housing. It’s rare to find someone helping others without the expectation of any favour in return or for someone to do something without any desire for recognition. In a world where I find my friends saying ” I did that for you”, Theresa proved to me that selfless kindness still exists and I’ll be forever grateful to her.

Submitted by: Saisha Goboodun

Joe and Mark receive their Kudos award with staff surrounding them.

Mark Therrien and Joe Kapas, Facilities

Mark Therrien and Joe Kapas were up at Mt. Hope working on a building when they hear someone yelling for help. They realized that Claire Ann Oakley (Pres. Oakleys wife) was the one yelling. The door to her horse barn had suddenly fallen off and she was afraid her horses were going to get out. The door was too big for her to move. Joe and Mark were able to put the door back on the rail and keep the horses safe.

Submitted by:  Dan Levering