Kudos Recipients September 2018

Marsha Peters, Randy Benoit and Joe Cooper receive their KUDOS awards.

Joe Cooper

Joe went above and beyond for me a few days ago. While here working on a light socket i had asked if he could see if one of his drill bits would cut a hole large enough in our picnic table so our umbrella would slide in. Unfortunately the size he has was quite big enough and tried a few other methods that also didn’t work. After Joe finished was his work order had stated for him to do, he went back down to Facilities came back with a bigger drill bit and drilled the table for us. He had other things to do but he took time out of his day to go back to Facilities and come back and drill out a hole in our table, which i think is quite nice for us in Paresky ( Dining Services ).

Nominated by: CJ Hazell

Marsha Peters and Randy Benoit

I work closely with Marsha in the front office at Facilities, and I was having a conversation telling her how I had to put my cat of 16 years down because of his deteriorating health and it breaks my heart. I was contemplating if I was going to get my cat cremated or bury him but I had no idea what to bury him in. Marsha then called Randy (Architectural Trades Foreman) and asked Randy to make a cat coffin for my beloved cat whenever he could. Before I knew it Marsha was delivering a beautiful pine box that Randy just finished, It was an act of kindness I will forever be grateful for. I appreciate the compassion they both showed me and to have gone above and beyond for me. This truly made me see what a wonderful place Williams is to work with good people like this.

Nominated by: Kim Racine