Nominees August 2018

Dave (unsure of last name), Custodian

The date is not really applicable because Dave went above and beyond to get to know everyone every day. It was so excellent to have someone actively get to know you from the beginning of freshman year.

Submitted by: Julia Cassell

David Chalifoux, Library

Dave has been overseeing the construction project at library shelving for months, all while still running the Library Shelving Facility. Also with his team, has been active and in charge of lots of pickups and drop offs for archives storage boxes. Including the most recent 200+ boxes from the Congregational Church.

Submitted by: Brad Sherman

Curtis Cowell, Custodian

Curtis is always working with a good attitude. Though he could roll into work with a less than cheery outlook due to the early and long hours, Curtis fulfills his duties above and beyond his job description. Upon seeing me in the morning, Curtis would always greet me. This blossomed into a friendship because my freshman year was filled with pangs of homesickness and Curtis would be the first to notice and encourage me to endure the rigorous Williams curriculum. Thank you so much for being such a great friend!!

Submitted by: Elle Montoya-Kelner

Jonathan Gillig, Animal Care

Due to employee injury and then retirement. Animal care has been short-handed for almost a year. With an increased workload, Jonathan has helped pick up the extra work.

Submitted by: Daniel C. Viall

Beth Erdeski, Office of Student Life

Beth goes above and beyond her duties every summer to deliver the Williams calendar campus-wide in a very timely manner. The calendar is a much sought out piece and she handles any and all special requests for additional copies with a smile and always with a great attitude. Having her manage this delivery solely on her own is a huge help to me especially and the entire Office of Communications.

Submitted by: Teresa Waryjasz