Nominees November 2018

Pamela Richard, Custodial Services

Whenever I see Pam around Marhop it brightens my day! She always wishes me well and pauses her busy day to have a brief conversation with me or my friends. Her genuine kindness means a lot, and helps make the dorm feel like home.

Nominated by: Isabel Ouweleen

Debbie Shea, Dining Services

Debbie and the rest of the Driscoll staff have been on fire this year keeping us all happy and fed! Debbie always greets students with a big smile and her signature sass. Debbie is always coming up with new and exciting recipes for the marche station- everything from bacon gravy on apple sausages to fried bananas with Foster sauce, ice cream and whipped cream! Debbie’s enthusiasm for the new recipes is infectious and makes the delicious food taste even better! Debbie has the biggest heart. Recently, Debbie made extra efforts to check in on me when she thought I seemed stressed. A few minutes of conversation with Debbie and a big warm hug make even the grayest day brighter.

Nominated by: Jesse Facey

Anthony Zelazo, Mechanical Trades

Saturday November 17th we had a problem with the chiller for the lansing Chapman ice rink. The on call Mech trades person needed help repairing the problem. Tony (Anthony) was shopping in Bennington and took time out of his day to come in and assist with the chiller repair. Tony was under no obligation to do this work. He is a dedicated Williams worker.

Nominated by: Don Boudreau