Nominees February 2019

Bonnie Bresett, Ellen Atwater, Roberta Sweet, and Ellen Richardson, Children’s Center

I want to nominate 4 teachers from the children’s center for the kudos award. Ellen Richardson, Bonnie Bresett, Ellen Atwater and Roberta Sweet. I have enjoyed doing carpentry projects with the kids at the school for a few years now. The truth is that I would have never even done this work without these teachers. These teachers are always looking for ways to enrinch the lives of the children.
A few years ago Ellen noticed how her pre 1 class really enjoyed watching me work. She encouraged the children’s interest by giving them plastic tools and hard hats. The children soon were running around trying to fix everything in the room!
The children soon graduated to the next class. The 3 teachers, Bonnie, Ellie and Roberta, continued to nurture their interest in “fixing things”. When I happened to be working in the school, they would have me explain to the children about my work. Then Bonnie approached me and asked me if I would do a project with the children. They even had an idea for the “bench”. This turned out to be a terrific success!
These teachers saw an additional opportunity to enhance the children’s lives. In fact, every employee at the center does on a daily basis. If it were possible, I would recommend that they all receive kudos. Director, assistant director and Carol Rydell included. The truth is, however, that these 4 teachers were the catalyst. Their insights not only were a benefit to the children, but were and are a benefit to me. My life has been enriched by these teachers as well as the children’s

Nominated by: David Morrison

Kristen Tool, Children’s Center

Earlier this week, we had a large snowstorm bring several inches of snow during our workday. Many college employees travel at least 20-30 minutes to work at Williams, including many of the teachers at the Children’s Center. Our supervisor worked with staff to let teachers who had a far distance to travel out early, in an effort to get everyone home safely. Kristen, who travels from Lanesboro daily, was one of those teachers. Before beginning her slippery ride home, Kristen took the time to clean the snow off many of her co-workers cars in the parking lot. Kristen thought she was doing this kind gesture unnoticed, but I spotted her from my classroom window! This kind of thoughtfulness and concern for others’ well-being is common among my co-workers at the Children’s Center and Kristen truly made me smile that day!

Nominated by: Jodi Easton

Todd Gould, OIT

Todd saved our bacon at the ’62 Center today. We had a failure happening in our lighting system today and we had a guess that it was in networking equipment. I called Todd and he immediately offered to come over and help me assess the problem. He came to our building about 10 minutes after I called, he helped us think through the problem, and then called his boss about lending us old equipment that is getting us through until we can get new equipment ordered. His knowledge, couple with his willingness to help colleagues in distress, made what could have been a disastrous day a shared story of triumph. I have reached out to Todd to thank him for his help, but if his efforts don’t deserve a Kudos award then I don’t know what does.

Nominated by: Nate Wiessner

Phil Remillard, OIT

A student came into the depths of the CET in search of who to call to repair a vending machine. Phil gave her this information about who to contact but also let her know that it wouldn’t be an immediate repair. She looked so disappointed! Seeing this, Phil understood her immediate need for coffee. He went to his office and found one of his K-Cups, gave it to her and showed her where she could brew it. (This was Phil’s private stash as coffee is not provided to OIT.) This is just one of the many ways Phil contributes to happiness in the CET!

Nominated by: Cheryl Handsaker

David Parks, OIT

David Parks helped us out big time on Friday February 22nd. Around 5:41pm that Friday night, we discovered some issues with list servs that would potentially have affected fundraising for the Alumni Fund over the weekend. We asked David to revert back some changes we had requested earlier in the day so that Annual Giving could continue on as usual.

David indicated this would be a lot of work and he had some personal plans, but in spite of that, he was able to revert the changes and set things back to the way they were earlier in the day.

David went above and beyond in his efforts and we so appreciate his efforts. We will never again ask for a big IT change on a Friday and we will be sure to include additional testing in our process when we plan for this change in the future (after the Alumni Fund fundraising period is over).

Thank you David!
Advancement Operations

Nominated by: Deb Chaulk