Kudos Recipients April 2019

Robert Crouse and Paul Richard receive their KUDOS awards.

Robert Crouse and Paul Richard, Facilities

Robert has always been the kind, warm smile when one enters the library every morning. Bob & Paul took upon themselves to return ALL of the furniture on L1 Forum, which was way above and beyond their daily tasks. There was a plan to get this done, they beat us to it upon our arrival on Friday morning. So much appreciated as it was a lot of work.

Nominated by: Lisa D’Angelo

Nancy Gwodzdz receives her KUDOS award.

Nancy Gwodzdz, WCMA Security

Nancy is ALWAYS going above and beyond in her job, especially in supporting my work making programs at the museum. Yesterday, on April 1 at WCMA, while our program coordinator was away, Nancy stepped in to help with all the logistics of the event– setting up tables and chairs, assisting caterers, helping the sound technician, and being all-hands-on-deck. Even when the program ran past the expected time, meaning some of the security staff had to take off, Nancy made it work and remained patient, as understanding as she could be, and helpful in every way. This is not new– Nancy is always helping like this during programs, and making sure everyone is safe but also that the experience our visitors are having is seamless AND secure. Above all, I came into work this morning expecting to put away tables and chairs, only to find that Nancy and our colleague Philip Taylor had already put everything away– leaving the museum impeccable before they left for the night (I am certain past their scheduled hours). I am so grateful for colleagues like this– who are not here to just do their jobs, but who are part of a team always working towards making this place wonderful for all. This nomination is the least I can do.

Nominated by: Nina Pelaez

Jacqueline Fallon receives her KUDOS award.

Jacqueline Fallon, Alumni Fund

Jacqueline and I are frequent attendees of the Wellness program’s midday yoga class. When we arrived today and there was no instructor present, she gave up her own practice to lead us through an hour long series of stretches and poses, based on her own previous training as a yoga instructor.

Jacqueline has generously taught the Thursday NOON yoga class when the instructor has not shown and faculty/staff have been present and expecting class. Jacqueline is a trained instructor, but she comes to class expecting to be lead through a flow. She has forgone her own chance to practice in order to teach us and lead us when an instructor has not been present and we have not been notified of the absence. Today this happened for the second time in which I have been present and Jacqueline has graciously stepped in. She deserves major kudos!

Nominated by: Laura Day and Ashley Weeks Cart