WSC Meeting Minutes 2/28/2019

WSC Minutes 2/28/2019

Present: Krista Birch, Madeline Polidoro, Tony Sinico, Laini Sporbert, Danny Barnes, Abi Cavazos, John Carvalho, Carly Knight, Shaun Howland

Absent: Justine Beringer

Meeting called to order at 10:30 a.m. by Madeline Polidoro, co-Chairperson

  • KUDOS: Nominations were reviwed and awarded to Phil Remillard
  • Discussion:
    • Stragegic Planning working groups formation process
      • Who picks members? Maud?
      • March 6 deadline, March 15 people find out results
    • Claiming Williams follow up: What’s next?
      • Many comments about how well the CW Event went from staff and administration.
      • WSC, Dart, SAC – meeting will be set up so all different committees can meet and discuss what each one does, overlap, possible collaborations
      • CPR follow up since last meeting?
      • Add CW slides to our website
    • Pay and Equity: Research into peer institutions
      • DART is taking up issue of pay transparency to see if inequities exist
      • If there are inequities how will they be addressed?
    • WSC Elections
      • Increase membership? Better to have more representation. Voted yes, committee membership will increase to 13 members
      • Returning membership vote if membes want to stay on 3rd year
      • Googleform will be sent to staff. Voting is annonymous.
    • Committee bylaws revisions – survey results
      • Most voted but there were some suggested changes – review
    • Website move to Williams Committee website
    • Schedule meeting with Fred, Leticia, Toya
      • Maddy and Krista will look into this.
    • Other business

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 10:30 AM in Paresky 219.