July 2019 Winners

Since the first time I met Kim, she has been a bright smiling face, eager to help no matter the request. Whenever there is a Williams Facilities Kudos winner, Kim is the one who goes above and beyond during her busy work day to help me schedule the surprise award presentation by checking schedules and lunch breaks, gets the winner to meet us at a certain location, gets other co-workers to join in on the fun, all the while never spoiling the surprise. Today I made a work request to set up/break down tables in a room I reserved. Kim was kind enough to call and give me some room reservation tips that I was not aware of that in the long run, potentially saved me huge embarrassment-this is certainly not her job. All in all, Kim is one of those folks on campus that makes life a little bit nicer for everyone around her by taking time out to care. <3

Nominated by: Justine Beringer

Bill always goes above and beyond his regular custodial duties by helping with extra tasks that need to be done. The other day, he switched out the mini fridge in my office for a new one because the one I had was leaking. I can ask Bill to do anything and he’s always willing to help out, with a smile. I think he deserves much more than a kudos award, but this is the best way I know to say thanks. Besides saying “thanks Bill”.

Nominated by: Dawn Jamros