November Agenda and Minutes

WSC Meeting: November 2019

Date: November 21, 2019, 10:30AM-12:00 (Paresky 201 – oval room)

Participants: Laini Sporbert, Krista Birch, Dave Dewey, CJ Hazell, Christine Parker, Justine Beringer, Shaun Howland, David Keiser-Clark, Melissa Mongeon, Nate Cook, John Carvahlo, CJ Hazell

Absent: Polidoro, Jamros

Agenda Topics 

    • Welcome to new members and introductions (10 minutes)
      • New member introductions for Melissa Mongeon and Christine Parker
    • KUDOS (7 minutes)
      • Both November nominees are approved: Erdeski, Dzbenski
      • The WSC recommends that nominees also reach out to supervisors in cases that are merit worthy but do not meet the KUDOS criteria
      • Suggestion to have kudos winners presented at All Staff Meeting
        • A big part of the award is the delivery/recognition of the award 
    • New WSC agenda creation process (11 minutes) 
      • Discussed organization of WSC documents and developed an agenda template to improve member contributions
  • Google Training by OIT (Drive/Calendar/Docs ) (10 minutes)
    • Continue our work on developing a comprehensive document to onboard new members about skills and responsibilities that make the WSC function more efficiently. Discussed how these skills can translate to the larger staff body (e.g. is there formal training for the Google platform for staff members?)
    • Williams uses the Google platform for organization, so it’s a good idea to be proficient 
      • Some people use drive everyday and others not at all
      • Discussed converting ListServ to WSC Google Group
        • David is suggesting we move to a Google Group 
          • Better integration and direct control of new members
          • OIT notes that most new committees are using Group platform over listserv
  • Website: assign one person to merge the website categories “Meeting Agendas” and “Meeting Minutes” into a single category, similar to the SAC’s site: (12 minutes)
    • Nate will work on this
    • Research other committees and continue to streamline the page to improve its use 
  • Updates from List of WSC Subgroups: (11 minutes)
    • Strategic Planning (note name change from Mission Statement)
      • Laini requested and was added to Strategic Planning subgroup
      • Strategic Planning “Mission Statement”: subgroup meeting TBD
    • Discussion about moving Kudos to a subgroup
    • Outreach (CJ, Justine)
      • Discussed ideas in improving staff awareness of the WSC agenda and how staff input should shape that agenda
  • Budget Proposal (11 minutes)
      • Justine reports back on budget request process
        • Currently have an un-official $1200 budget that covers the KUDOS program. David and Justine will continue firming up the budget proposal.
  • Claiming Williams proposal was submitted by WSC; please read before meeting so we can discuss (11:45 – 11:54)
      • Reviewed the proposal in the Google Drive
      • Coordinating members are Justine, Laini, Chris, and David. 
        • Topics discussed were raising awareness and developing the proposal. The initial proposal was submitted and will continue polishing for the final version.
  • WSC Elections:  (5 minutes)
      • Subgroup: Committee Development
      • How do we develop the skills of the current committee members 
      • How do we ASK for the kinds of skills that we have need for in new members? With a goal of developing a more meaningful election process (e.g. someone who knows a lot about budgets or developing programming).
      • Goal: Use this model for May WSC Elections
  • Other business
    • Scheduling a Google training for the WSC, but WSC members need to submit ideas for what the training will cover.

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 19, 2019, at 10:30 AM in Paresky 201