January 2020 minutes

WSC Meeting: January 2020

Date: January 23, 2020, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM  (Schow instruction room 027)

Participants: Nate Cook, Madeline Polidoro, Laini Sporbert, CJ Hazell, Krista Birch, Dawn Jamros, Dave Dewey, Christine Parker, John Carvalho, David Keiser Clark, Justine Beringer

Guests: Seth Rogers <[email protected]>, Barron Koralesky <[email protected]>, Lynna Jackson <[email protected]>, Cheryl Handsaker <[email protected]>

Absent: Shaun Howland, Melissa Mongeon

Agenda Topics 

    • No nominations this month
  • Transition to the wsc-g (Google group)
    • Some website updates
    • Cutover today from listserv to google group (wsc-g)
  • Share overview: Claiming Williams workshop: CW Day Thursday Feb 6 (7 minutes) 
    • Subgroup has been meeting weekly for 6 weeks
    • What do staff want (designed to be an informative and proactive session)
      • Discussed details of the session
      • Role of WSC members in the session (facilitating discussion)
        • February 4th rehearsal
  • Share overview: Mission Statement work (10 minutes) 
    • Looking at peer institutions and other groups (Microsoft, etc)
    • What are the values we want to encompass at Williams?
  • Staff concerns – 2 emails
  • OIT Google Training (60-75 minutes)
    • Covering various aspects of using google drive, shared documents, etc