February 2020 minutes

WSC Meeting: February 2020

Date: Thursday, February 27, at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Paresky 201 – oval room)

Participants: David KC, Krista, CJ, Laini, Nate, Melissa, Christine, Dave, Maddy, 

Absent: Justine, Dawn, Shaun, John


  1. No KUDOS nominations for this month

  2. Nominations & Elections subgroup

    1. 7 vacancies (spreadsheet showing terms): Maddy, Krista, CJ, Justine, John, Dawn, Shaun
      1. 1 representative from facilities and dining, no more than 2 from each department (departments can be very broad, do the guidelines define a department?)
      2. Dawn’s position will be filled as a 2-year term. So there are 7 two year vacancies to consider
      3. Maddy, Nate, Justine and Melissa are on the nominating committee
    2. Next steps for subgroup
      1. Review “2020 Election Timeline”: update dates, assign tasks
      2. Tighten up guidelines and clarify departments, part of our strategic planning process
      3. Put out a call for nominations
        1. Share mission statement draft
        2. How to format the nomination and ballot questions to improve the voting process. Ask interested people to write their WSC application bio to align with the skills that the WSC seeks.
      4. Diversity discussion (Sharifa and Chris)
        1. Came up in the Claiming Williams workshop. Is the staff committee diverse and inclusive (why is this)? 
        2. Framework of the 13 member maximum could be more flexible to be more inclusive (models from other institutions)


  1. Discussion of Mission Statement

  1. Sent out a poll (current and former members with 10 responses) and received some feedback for tweaking. Looked over some survey results.
  2. We do not have a previous mission statement
  3. Reviewed statement as a group and will return to subgroup
  4. How to present the mission statement to the wider staff
  5. How does the mission statement align with the strategic plan groups?
  6. Next Steps: see Feb 21 meeting notes for next steps from WSC
  1. WSC Claiming Williams workshop: a review of data, and next steps (CW2020 Post-Mortem)

Christine is still working on synthesizing the data

Reviewed presentation for those that missed the event

There were 76 people in attendance (well represented and attended) 


  1. Recommendation for WSC to adopt the Apache Voting Method (David)
      1. Major Staff Committee decisions are usually reached by consensus through discussion, followed by a vote using the Apache Voting Method. Members respond with: +1, 0, -1 (fractions are okay) and if a vote is other than a +1, we expect the member to add a brief note of explanation. The WSC uses the “procedural issues” voting format by default for routine business. When voting at a WSC meeting, our practice is to share the vote by email to allow participation from any members who were not present. We also support voting outside of meeting time after first allowing for a period of discussion. Typically, we allow 5 business days for a vote, from start to finish. We will make every effort to allow and record every member’s vote; however, as long as more than half of the elected WSC members have voted, we will consider that quorum.
      2. Results of each vote are to be stored so that WSC members have easy access (we recommend keeping a folder for “votes” and labeling by date and issue); each vote should include the description, the result (passed/failed), and how each member voted.


  • Votes by email should follow this template:


Subject: WSC Vote on _____

VOTE: After discussion at [meeting or via email] on DATE, the WSC votes to ______(clearly worded, concise description)_____________.

Timeline: Vote starts on DATE, 2019, and ends on DATE, 2019 at 5PM EDT. 

Voting Format: Procedural issues.

Please vote using the Apache Voting Method and respond to this email with: +1, 0, -1 (fractions are okay). If your vote is other than a +1, please add a brief note of explanation.

    1. David created a “VOTES” folder and Voting Template doc (in Governance)
    2. Questions: Do we want to:
      1. Adopt the Apache Voting Method as the WSC method for voting?
      2. Use this folder and template to track and store our WSC votes?
      3. WSC voted on this approach (in person + by email to absent members)
      4. The WSC Apache Vote document is here 
  1. Completed cutover to [email protected]
    1. DONE: WSC website has been updated
    2. DONE: [email protected] alias now redirects to [email protected] 
    3. DONE: [email protected] has been decommissioned 
  1. Google Drive: David suggests that WSC switch to using a Shared Drive
    1. All files owned by WSC, not by authors (David contacted authors of old docs to transfer ownership)
    2. Removes maintenance burden to transfer ownership of files after members rolloff
    3. https://support.google.com/a/users/answer/9310352?hl=en&ref_topic=9300128
    4. Action: Are we agreed in switching the WSC to using a Shared Drive?
      1. Yes, we agreed to do this 
  1. Preservation Task: Create Google Docs for all WSC minutes (not the empty agendas) missing between 2012 and 2019. Copy from https://committees.williams.edu/wsc/
    1. Who is willing to work on this (with Nate?)?Dave D! 
  1. Networking
    1. Committee on Diversity and Community (CDC)
    2. Staff Committees/Councils listserv through UVM
    3. Suggestion of Staff Committees conference for groups similar to ours at other campuses (Noemi Fernandez at Haverford) 
  1. Replies to two staff inquiries: Wellness program; Davis Center restructuring and termination process 
  2. Nomination Committee: see suggestions for Nomination Application process:
    WSC Mission Statement (subgroup: rolling agenda) 
  3. Next WSC meeting falls during Spring Break. Should we move it so more can attend? Maddy to send poll to all members asking about 3/19 as alternate date 

Next Meeting: Thursday, March 19 or 26 (TBD), at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Paresky 201 – oval room)

(Invite Damien?)