April Minutes

WSC Meeting Agenda: April 23, 2020

Date: April 23, 2020, 10:30 to noon, virtually

Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/97900601341?pwd=OGNueTB1cFdnZEFOc3A1bm1XaUJLZz09

Participants: Beringer, Birch, Cook, Dewey, Hazell, Howland, Keiser-Clark, Mongeon, Parker, Polidoro, Sporbert

Absent: Carvahlo, Jamros


  • Staff member check-ins
  • Kudos- Condolence Correspondence? (Justine)
    • No KUDOS submitted this month
    • Send out condolences from the staff committee for passed employees
    • Needs to be a campus wide initiative to recognize staff, both for Kudos-related actions and job-related actions; helps to involve these actions w/ merit opportunities
  • Nominations/Elections Committee Update (Nate, Maddy)
    • 7 vacancies- 5 support and 2 admin with no more than 2 per department
      • Nominations start April 27th and are due by May 8th 
      • Justine will generate some flyers 
      • Subcommittee reached out to HR to improve communication with remote staff
        • Suggested extending the time table for the election
        • 35 nine-month employees
      • Updates to nominations form 
        • Elected and informal positions
      • Cycling off of current members
        • Generally May is when members cycle off, current members will stay on 
    • Candidate bios posted on website
  • Mission Statement update (Laini)
    • Brief presentation on definition of mission, vision, goals               
    • Draft Mission (90% done)
    • Draft Vision (70% done)
    • Draft Goals (10% done) 
      • Inclusion, advocacy, etc.
    • WSC Discussion: Mission Statement
      • It’s important for the WSC to review its mission/vision/goals statements at regular intervals.
      • Important for the staff and College to recognize the value of all its members.
  • Claiming Williams follow-up (Christine)
    • Mural project has been delayed

New business

    • Discussion
      • Changes to time reporting (new category for COVID)
      • Retirement matching equalization for higher earning savings
      • Models of other colleges for furloughing employees- ASU has tiered systems
    • What criteria will be used to decide (fill in the blank)
    • If hiring is frozen, what happens to departments with many empty positions?
    • Are we building multiple economic models?
    • Are there any anticipated budget reductions? (i.e. 5%, 10%, 15% proposals)
    • Would budget cuts be made across the board or spot applied?
  • Posit idea for All-Staff meeting co-hosted by WSC with Maud, et al, to address staff questions (a la faculty meeting format), possibly on May 1, Maud’s schedule permitting (Laini)
    • Draft email to Maud requesting Staff Forum
    • Staff perspective on shaping thoughts on moving forward
    • Opportunity for Staff to ask ?’s ahead of time. (Create list of ?’s ahead of time)
    • Submit questions (anonymously) in advance
    • When, how, and what criteria will be used to decide (fill in the blank)
    • Committee is in favor overall
  • Follow up on outstanding correspondences (Laini, Krista)

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 28, at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Zoom meeting?)