May 2020 Minutes

WSC Meeting Agenda: May 28, 2020

Date: May 28, 2020, 10:30 to noon, virtually

Participants: Maddy Polidoro, Nathan Cook, Laini Sporbert, David Keiser-Clark, David Dewey, Melissa Mongeon, Krista Birch, CJ Hazell

Absent: Dawn Jamros, Christine Parker, Justine Beringer, Shaun Howland


  • Staff member check-ins
  • Election of co-chairs for 2020-2021
      • Rolling co-chair position and new co-chair
      • Historically precedent and this is also an evolving process. Usually towards the end of a cycle, there is a nomination process to select a co-chair. Generally, one co-chair remains on, is approved via Apache method, and a call is put out to eligible members for a 2nd co-chair, who can nominate themselves or others; online vote is then taken if more than one candidate.
      • A description of the position will go out to the 5 eligible members and we will vote online to approve the 2nd co-chair position
      • Voted to approve Laini as rolling co-chair via chat in video meeting, will reach out to absent members (7 approved, 1 abstained)(candidate)
      • One week to receive nominations sent to co-chairs. Then a ballot will go out to vote. Want to establish co-chairs before new members join to help with continuity.
      • List of duties and selected by nomination or self-nomination
  • Current KUDOS? January KUDOS?
      • Considered Jessie Gardner (approved) and Audrey Werner (approved)
      • Are there ways to recognize people for their work now? Maybe this is a job for a new KUDOS/ recognition subgroup?
      • Remembering that KUDOS originated out of an ethos of wanting to acknowledge people who bring a “positive can-do attitude” to their work and to the campus. Defining the distinction between recognizing people for going above and beyond vs. recognizing people for creating positive culture
      • Question: Expectation setting: Do we need to publicly state that KUDOS will be paused in the 2020-2021 academic year due to the pandemic? Ask Fred. Follow up and adapt as things change
      • Find out if there are leftover kudos cards in safe at Controller’s 
      • Ask Shaun, Justine, and Nate to contact winners
  • WSC Election
    • Quick reminder: vote before June 8
    • Looking for 7 new members
    • Nomination process seemed to capture a broad section of campus, seems encouraging that staff feel like they have a voice that can be heard
    • Sub-Groups: Submit a description prior to the June WSC meeting (members to join July)
      • Add these descriptions to List of WSC Subgroups document
      • 3-4 sentences from each group about what they do
  • Update on Feedback from ad hoc Financial Planning meeting
      • CJ, David, Laini, and Krista developed a google form to edit for collecting staff ideas
        • Make clear that we’re collecting thoughts to send up, not offering answers: “Our goal is to gather staff input so that we may best represent ideas from staff.”
      • Deciding when to begin gathering feedback, probably best to do this after the big announcement of the College’s plans for next year.
      • Consider recrafting the form for more specific ideas that need to be addressed. The timeline for releasing this can be relaxed. 
      • Are there ideas or specific recommendations to send to Dukes regarding the College’s COVID strategy?
  • Quick review of language for Co-chair vote.
  • Email from Chaplain about WSC joining a drop in Google Hangout
    • Maybe the WSC can host one of our own?
  • Follow up on outstanding correspondences (Laini, Krista)
    • Krista and Laini will reply

Next Meeting: Thursday, June 25, at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Zoom meeting?)

Preliminary agenda:

  • Welcome of new members
  • Opportunity for members rolling off to share highlights or most important aspects of their WSC term
  • Description of WSC positions and subgroups; introduction of 2020-21 co-chairs
  • Vote on Mission Statement by email before next meeting