June 2020 Agenda and Minutes

WSC Meeting: June 2020

Date: June 25, 2020, 10:30am-12pm, Google Meet

Participants: David Jolin, Nancy Macauley, Laini Sporbert, Christine Parker, Nathan Cook, Dave Dewey,

Kim Tremblay, Cory Campbell, Veronica Bosley,  Aimee Reisch, CJ Hazell, Melissa Mongeon.

Absent: David Keiser-Clark

Guests: Madeline Polidoro, Krista Birch


  • Introductions 
  • Welcome new and current members
      • New members: David Jolin, Nancy Macauley,  Kim Tremblay, Cory Campbell, Veronica Bosley,  Aimee Reische
      • Returning members: Laini Sporbert, Christine Parker, Nathan Cook, Dave Dewey,

CJ Hazell, Melissa Mongeon.

  • Members cycling off
  • Members cycling off: (present) Maddy Polidoro, Krista Birch; (not present) Justine Beringer, Dawn Jamros, Shaun Howland, John Carvahlo
  • Opportunity for members rolling off to share highlights or most important aspects of their WSC term. Highlighted strengthened interactions with senior staff as a committee. Be mindful of differences between support and admin staff. 
        • Some former members are continuing their involvement with the WSC with sub-committee work
        • Thank you!!!
  • Intro to 2020-2021 Co-Chairs
  • Secretary – vote in July
  • Announcement of newly minted mission statement:
  • Developed by the strategic planning subgroup and passed by email (apache) vote in June 2020. WSC has not previously had a mission statement.
  • The mission of the Williams Staff Committee is to engage and empower all staff as invested members of our campus community while advancing the College’s mission.  
    • Suggestion to have this mission statement highlighted clearly on the front page of the website, on all minutes, agendas, google forms, correspondences, etc. (Nate?)
  • Description of WSC
    • History and guidelines, timeline and growth
      • Brief history by KT. Formed as a “morale booster” to serve as a platform for voicing concerns. Different then a policy making committing like the SAC. 
      • Representation (who speaks for staff), morale, transparency (pay equity, etc), and being treated fairly are persistent issues brought up to the WSC. Morale and “being treated fairly” concerns have dipped negatively from the 2013 staff survey (compared to the 2017 survey).
    • WSC Strategic Planning: Mission, vision, goals, objectives, bylaws
      • Laini, David KC, CJ, and Christine are current members of the strategic planning committee
      • Next up are developing a vision for the group and bylaws
  • Operations of WSC
  • Overview + Context
  • organization, efficiency, transparency, security
  • Voting: Apache method
      • Kudos
        • Only one nomination in Spring 2020
        • Continuity of purpose. Broader recognition of doing great work.
        • What to do with recommendations that do not meet the KUDOS criteria but should be recognized
      • Claiming Williams
      • Strategic Planning (budget, mission statement, bylaws, etc)
      • Agenda planning (exec group)
        • Co-chairs, secretary, former co-chairs involved in planning the agenda
      • Nominations and elections
  • Potential future subcommittees
      • Budget
      • Outreach
      • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
        • Soliciting input and involvement for staff to work with the WSC without a formal role
        • How do other schools structure their staff committees?
  • Planned visitors throughout the year
        • President
        • Director of HR
        • Chief Communication Officer
        • VP finances, provost
        • VP DEI
        • Committee on Priorities and Resources
        • Others as invited
    • Old business
  • Kudos
        • Are there ways to recognize people for their work now? Maybe this is a job for a new KUDOS/ recognition subgroup?
        • Remembering that KUDOS originated out of an ethos of wanting to acknowledge people who bring a “positive can-do attitude” to their work and to the campus. Defining the distinction between recognizing people for going above and beyond vs. recognizing people for creating positive culture
        • Question: Expectation setting: Do we need to publicly state that KUDOS will be paused in the 2020-2021 academic year due to the pandemic? Ask Fred. Follow up and adapt as things change
        • Update: There are 6 remaining Kudos gift cards in the Controller’s office for WSC 
  • Budget request update (FY21 budget request here)
  • Update on Feedback from ad hoc Financial Planning meeting
        • Update from CJ on the ad hoc financial planning subgroup
        • CJ, David, Laini, and Krista developed a google form to edit for collecting staff ideas
          • Make clear that we’re collecting thoughts to send up, not offering answers: “Our goal is to gather staff input so that we may best represent ideas from staff.”
        • Deciding to send out after the big announcement of the College’s plans for next year?
          • Are there ideas or specific recommendations to send to Dukes regarding the College’s COVID strategy?
  • New Business
      • August meeting as in-house retreat for community building?
      • Open discussion – ideas, thoughts, concerns, issues, questions
  • “Homework”

Next Meeting: Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Google Meet)