July Agenda and Minutes

WSC Meeting: July 23, 2020

Date: July 23, 2020, 10:30am-12pm, Google Meet

Participants: Nate Cook, David Keiser-Clark, Laini Sporbert, Aimee Resiche, Christine Parker, Melissa Mongeon, CJ Hazell, David Jolin

Excused: Cory Campbell, Veronica Bosley, David Dewey, Kim Tremblay
Absent: Nancy Macauley

  • Welcome + check in
      • What’s your department and what have you been thinking about regarding the WSC or Williams
        • Role of the WSC
        • Staff survey results and trends
        • Claiming Williams workshop theme – how to augment staff being heard to deal especially w/ the feeling that staff are being put to the wayside (solution: open Zoom room for staff communication and dialogue)
        • How to build community/trust within WSC
        • Improving the KUDOS program
  • Vote on Secretary: Nate Cook
      • David will email absent members
  • Membership on subgroups
  • Cory expressed interest in Strategic Planning
      • Aimee – Strategic Planning
      • Christine – Kudos
      • David Jolin – Kudos
      • Melissa – Budgeting, Nominations and Elections
      • CJ – Strategic Planning, Financial Ad Hoc representative
      • Nate – Nominations and Elections, Outreach?, Agenda Planning, Secretary
      • David KC – Co-Chair, Strategic Planning, Agenda Planning, 
      • Laini – Co-Chair, Claiming Williams, Strategic Planning, Agenda Planning
      • Laini to email other members
  • Subgroup Reports
  • WSC Strategic Planning
    • Approved Mission statement (voted by Apache method)
    • Reached out to a number of different groups to solicit feedback to develop and refine the statement (current and former members, etc)
    • The mission of the Williams Staff Committee is to engage and empower all staff as invested members of our campus community while advancing the College’s mission.
    • Have a proposed Vision statement (a vision is a big picture goal)
      • Did quick thumbs up/ thumbs down for staff feedback
      • Working on wording for Belief Statements (looking at the College’s accreditation statements and reinforcing those with staff belief statements)
        • Did a quick thumbs up /thumbs down to discuss the developing belief statements. The WSC is supportive of the approach of the subcommittee so far.
        • Discussed how these statements reflect how we view ourselves and how others view staff.
  • Kudos
    • Set some broad questions for the KUDOS subcommittee to consider
    • Continuity of purpose. Broader recognition of doing great work.
    • What to do with recommendations that do not meet the KUDOS criteria but should be recognized
    • Are there ways to recognize people for their work now? Maybe this is a job for a new KUDOS/ recognition subgroup?
      • Electronic recognition (e-gift cards)?
    • Remembering that KUDOS originated out of an ethos of wanting to acknowledge people who bring a “positive can-do attitude” to their work and to the campus. Defining the distinction between recognizing people for going above and beyond vs. recognizing people for creating positive culture
    • Question: Expectation setting: Do we need to publicly state that KUDOS will be paused in the 2020-2021 academic year due to the pandemic? Ask Fred. Follow up and adapt as things change
    • Outreach to remind people about the program (daily messages, direct email, etc)
  • Claiming Williams
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Emerged from 2020 claiming williams session
  • Budgeting
    • Assuming budget request was not approved
    • Budget items requested probably would not happen anyway
    • Maybe use Zoom to reach out to other staff committees in the region
  • Nominations and Elections
    • 2 months mostly March / April
    • Consider outreach
  • Old Business
    • Operations questions from the last meeting
    • Follow up on “homework”
    • Agenda for August meeting?
      • In-house retreat for community building (but bad timing for workload?)
      • Visitor? For example, would it be useful to have Fred and/or Maud come to talk about Covid and Staff now that 1600 students are coming/on campus?
      • Idea: skip full meeting and use it instead as time for subgroups to meet
      • A missed opportunity if we do not meet?
      • Float the August agenda meeting by email
      • Google training?
  • New Business
    • Staff comments (inquiries to WSC webpage)
    • Open discussion – ideas, thoughts, concerns, issues, questions
    • Next steps: 
      • Schedule OIT Google and Zoom Trainings
      • Schedule Retreat
      • Low-key interviews
  • “Homework”

Kudos subcommittee will meet


Next Meeting: Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Google Meet or Zoom Pro)