September 2020 Agenda and Minutes

WSC Meeting: September 24, 2020

Date: September 24, 2020, 10:30am-12pm, Zoom meeting

Participants: Christine Parker, David Jolin, CJ Hazell, Nate Cook, Aimee Reische, Cory Campbell, David Keiser-Clark, Laini Sporbert, Kim Tremblay, Veronica Bosley

Absent: Melissa Mongeon, Dave Dewey


  • Welcome + check in (10 minutes)
    • Opening round robin discussion question: “Regarding the WSC and especially in regards to Inclusion and Transparency on the WSC, what is going well for you and what could be better?”
  • Subcommittee Reports and Membership Update (30 minutes)
    • Budgeting (Melissa M)
    • Claiming Williams (Laini S, Veronica B, Dave D, Chris P, David KC)
      • A possible (this is very tentative) 2 day virtual claiming Williams (Feb 9th/10th). 
    • Faculty Staff Initiative + Outreach (Veronica B, Dave D, David KC, Laini S)
        • Developing a relationship with Inst. Research to develop better outreach
        • What is the scope of outreach? Need some volunteers for brainstorming ideas. What does outreach look like?
          • Possible town hall type meetings maybe by department instead of large groups. Working out logistics on how to make people feel comfortable.
          • A neighborhood model for organizing the campus
          • Develop visual branding for the WSC
          • A newsletter on the committee work
          • Getting feedback on how people want to interact with the WSC
            • Coffee or lunches by topic or maybe a mixer
    • Kudos (David J, Nancy M, Chris P, Kim T)
      • Working off this document
      • Discussing ideas how to select winners
        • Should we change the language regarding “winners”?
      • Soliciting nominees. How can we clarify what the program is and what it represents?
        • Maybe a mini-article in the record?
        • What is above beyond? Working on answering this question.
      • Developing a budget for rewards
        • Where did the Kind Bars come from? Danny Barnes (former Library staff) initially received them via donation from Kind Company.
      • A suggestion for changing how the reward is given (like a positive letter to HR). This allows more winners every month
      • A question: why is it only given for performance outside the job? Is there a historical precedent for this?
      • Will it change drastically enough to warrant a name change? Suggestion to consider a relaunch and rebranding of the kudos name.
      • Clarification: WSC members can nominate staff. WSC members cannot win.
    • Nominations & Elections (Nate C, Melissa M, Kim T)
    • Planning Group (Nate C, David KC, Laini S)
        • Routine
          • Meets every Mon morning
          • Tracks and prioritizes issues and action items for WSC
        • Scheduling Google training with OIT via Zoom – TBD
        • Schedule WSC 1:1 member interviews – TBD
    • Strategic Planning (David KC, Laini S, Krista B, CJ, Aimee R, Cory C)
  • [Draft] Vision Statement, for presentation, discussion, next steps
    • “The WSC envisions a campus where every staff member is encouraged to “climb high, climb far.”
      • Feedback on [Draft] Vision Statement
      • Working on Belief Statement
      • Next steps
        • Strategic Goals and Objectives (1-2 years)
        • Bylaws document (definition of “staff”, membership, elections, term limits, relationship to staff body)
        • Typically everything is reviewed every 3-5 years and can be changed by vote
  • Business + Discussion: ideas, thoughts, concerns, issues, questions (45 minutes)
  • Google Training scheduling
      • “I’ll have to think about this – the trainings will have to be remote of course and right now isn’t a good time to work on swapping it over from our hands-on format.  But we do want to get back to these. It’s going to end up being a combo of probably one person from ITech and one from client services, so will have to figure out who has the bandwidth.    I’ll get back to you soon.” 
    • Update on Staff Town Hall with OCR?
      • Updated during above Outreach subcommittee report
    • Subcommittees – select chair for each?
      • Discussed. Each Subcommittee will report back with their response at the next meeting.
    • Interesting article shared by Laura Muller (may need to sign in): 
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Staff comments (inquiries to WSC webpage)