October 2020 Honorees

October Honorees:


Rodd Lanoue (Trainer, Athletics, PE and Recreation)

As head athletic trainer, the main medical person for all students who participate in varsity athletics as well as many club sport athletes, Rodd is responsible for the well being of more than a third of Williams’ students. This fall he is the point person for all 32 teams and their coaches as well as a staff of six athletic trainers. Like others on campus he was charged with reading, reviewing and communicating all of the federal, state, local and College policies regarding COVID-19 as well as keeping up with medical information and NCAA regulations. He had to devise department policy to keep over 600 on-campus students protected and educated, and advise coaches on everything from facility marking and scheduling to group workout sizes to tent air flow and safe masking policy in a large variety of conditions. This high level learning and communication was balanced by things like learning how to decant barrels of sanitizing solution into manageable containers (who knew this would require certification, so only Rodd could do it!) and doing the type of moment-to-moment work and many don’t even know is happening. Then he worked to communicate all of that in understandable language to a cohort of committed and also disappointed faculty, staff and students in frequent email and in person meetings and communiques. I know that Rodd will be happy if he never has to see another shared google doc! So far I’ve only described the administrative work he’s done; in addition he works to interact with athletes and teams, to treat injuries and conditions that limit athletes from doing what they love, attend practices and “be an athletic trainer”. Rodd’s work has been tireless, consistent and crucial for the entire campus. By mid-September, Rodd had earned the nickname “Rodd Fauci” because the department heard from him so often and he was, indeed, our expert on COVID and how to keep ourselves and our players safe. Kudos, indeed! 


Rick Lescarbeau (Video Asst., Art Department)

Rick Lescarbeau worked overtime all summer to help create and implement an outdoor screening area in our beautiful meadow courtyard. To expedite this process during covid times, with its delivery complications, Rick had all the equipment shipped to his house and transported it to Spencer to get the task done. This was above and beyond. Thanks Rick for helping us have our own little “cinema paradiso” for safe screenings for our students.