2021 WSC Election

The Staff Committee, now 10 years old, is looking for two new members (two-year terms) to join the committee. Are there staff issues that are important to you? Click here to nominate yourself or someone else.

If you’ve been nominated or are thinking about joining the WSC, please keep reading to better understand what we do. Guidelines for WSC membership and what to expect serving can be found on our guidelines page.

Recent WSC accomplishments:

  • We formalized the creation of 5 active subcommittees to increase the scope of our work. Strategic planning chaired by David Keiser-Clark and Laini Sporbet to guide the Committee’s priorities. Outreach chaired by Veronica Bosley worked to improve visibility of the WSC and further our DEI initiatives. Chris Parker chairs the KUDOS subcommittee and revamped and revitalized our staff recognition program. Nathan Cook chairs the Nomination and Elections subcommittee. Melissa Mongeon chairs the Budget subcommittee
  • We have organized an all-staff “Bias and Belonging” workshop to be held April 29, 2021 implemented programming to support diversity, equity and inclusion goals on campus.
  • We distributed a 2020 all staff community pulse survey for the fall campus reopening.
  • Established quarterly meetings with President Mandel
  • Shared staff perspectives with the search firm on a new candidate for Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer.
  • Created Claiming Williams staff workshops “A Voice in the Conversation” (2020) and “A Seat at the Table”(2019) that focused on staff representation and inclusion within the campus community.
  • We developed WSC mission, belief, and vision statements:

Our Mission

The mission of the Williams Staff Committee is to engage and empower all staff as invested members of our campus community while advancing the College’s mission. 

Our Beliefs

As essential contributors to the educational mission of Williams, a diversity of staff must be equitably represented in College governance and decision making, and have inclusive opportunities for leadership, professional development, and knowledge sharing.

Our Vision

The Williams Staff Committee envisions a campus where all staff have a voice and are encouraged to “climb high, climb far.”

Where the WSC is going:

  • We continue to develop an internal strategic plan as part of the broader Strategic Planning process of the College (see the working group report on Governance). This includes formally defining strategic goals and objectives for the WSC and the actions and partnerships needed to achieve them. We hope to expand opportunities for staff to have a voice in or participate directly in decision-making processes at the College. 
  • Working with the Committee on Priorities & Resources (CPR) and Faculty Steering Committee (FSC) to explore including greater staff representation on CPR.
  • We continue to explore DEI in terms of the connections between professional development, compensation, retention, geography, and class, and are hoping to form initiatives with many stakeholders across campus. This includes initiatives to improve representation on the WSC as well.
  • Redesigning our website to better connect, inform, and represent staff on campus and to the wider community

The WSC is always looking for ideas to improve the staff experience at Williams and the broader community. Please let us know what’s important to you by emailing [email protected].