2021 Candidate Statements

Your candidates are Twink Williams Burns, Sharon Marceau, Frank Pekarski, Jay Racela, and Emery Shriver. There are FIVE candidates and you may vote for up to TWO. The election is open from Monday, May 3rd through Friday, May 21st.

Click here to vote: https://forms.gle/kTHaZAQS5s8bvCoh7

Twink Williams Burns: “I was the first person in my family to attend college and was lucky enough to go to Williams. But it was often a scary place for someone with no money and no idea how to succeed in college. It was the staff, especially in Dining and Facilities, that made Williams feel like home for me. Now that I’m working at Williams in the Admission and Financial Aid offices, I’d like to pay back the favor and advocate for the voices and ideas of my fellow staff members. I have worked in educational communities for nearly 15 years, and have served on a variety of committees in that time. I know that some committees talk much more than they take action; I am action-focused and collaborative, and I love to help everyone have some fun while getting work done. I would be honored for the opportunity to be a part of the Williams Staff Committee.”

Sharon Marceau: “I have been at Williams for 26 years and have served in many roles for the college.  I have found my home in Dining Services for the past 15 years and work closely with our staff, students, and colleagues in building and maintaining relationships, while serving the mission of the college. Recently, I have worked in collaboration with WRAPS and CLIA, aided by Dining Services with a team of Williams students to develop and pilot an accessible and replicable ServSafe coaching curriculum. The program was put into place to help Dining Services staff pass the ServSafe Manager’s certification test in 2019, with a 100% success rate.  This was made possible by a grant through TIDE (Towards Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity). I also work closely with the benefits office in assisting Dining employees with yearly health insurance sign-ups and the wellness-benefit refund.   I have an open-door policy and direct employees to the correct person to help with their issues and or concerns, if I cannot address them myself. Engaging in community and resources is an important part of knowledge in helping to support staff.  I would welcome the opportunity to represent the voices of the staff, hearing those voices of the community, and working with the Williams Staff Committee to help make effective, positive change.”

Frank Pekarski:  “I am very grateful to be nominated to serve to represent you on the Williams Staff Committee.  As a dedicated safety professional, I have spent most of the last decade working to help protect employees in higher education.  During my past 3 1/2 years at Williams, it has been my great privilege to work alongside the dedicated and hardworking staff in Facilities as a part of our Environmental, Health & Safety team.  In my short time here, one thing I have found that sets Williams College above so many others, is the great number of kind and hardworking employees in all aspects of the organization.  My hope, if you choose to vote for me, is that I can live up to the trust that you place in me, by working just as hard to voice your needs, your wants, and your concerns.  Above all else, a vote for me is a vote for safety, which is a value that I hold near and dear to my heart.  If I am elected, I promise to do my very best to bring safety into the decision-making process, so that the decisions being made place your well-being at the forefront.  Thank you for your consideration – Stay safe, and stay strong.”

Jay Racela: “I am honored to be nominated to the Williams Staff Committee. Having started at Williams almost 18 years ago as a technician and rising to a position of Lecturer and Lab Supervisor has given me somewhat of a unique perspective. What began as an hourly technical position mostly working with staff and a handful of faculty has grown into a salaried, teaching role working side by side with a wide variety of faculty, advising and teaching many students, and continually working with diverse staff. I currently serve on several faculty-based committees and have served on staff committees. Based upon the experiences mentioned, I feel my Williams employment knowledge base delves into a variety of areas which separately affect staff, faculty and students, and in some cases may overlap, all of which could benefit the future of Williams employees. Thank you for your consideration.” 

Emery Shriver: “In my 10+ years at Williams, I’ve witnessed significant improvement in the college’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I’d like to help the college move from commitment to action. I’m especially interested in exploring issues like: recognition and compensation for the care work and emotional labor involved in DEI work, hiring an ombudsperson to help facilitate difficult conversations and settle grievances outside of code of conduct violations, advocating for permanent flexible work options, both in schedule and location, and exploring a tiered compensation structure for staff, similar to the faculty tenure model. I have experience in collective bargaining and negotiation, and I’m great at creative problem solving and consensus building. I’m ready and willing to listen to, and advocate for, staff at Williams.”