February Agenda and Minutes

Vision Statement: The WSC envisions a campus where all staff have a voice and are encouraged to “climb high, climb far.”
Mission Statement: The mission of the Williams Staff Committee is to engage and empower all staff as invested members of our campus community while advancing the College’s mission.

Belief Statement: As essential contributors to the educational mission of Williams, a diversity of staff must be equitably represented in College governance and decision making, and have inclusive opportunities for leadership, professional development, and knowledge sharing.

WSC Meeting: February 25, 2021

Date: February 25, 2021, 10:30am-12pm

Zoom Meeting:  

Current: WSC Shared Tasks

Participants: , Laini Sporbert, Aimee Reische, Kim Tremblay, Nate Cook, Nancy Macauley, Dave Dewey, David Jolin,David Keiser-Clark, Veronica Bosley, Cory Campbell, Melissa Mongeon


  • Welcome + check in (10 minutes)
    • In your role as an elected member of the WSC,  how are you feeling in terms of how you represent the staff body? What would offer you an increased sense of representation or greater ease in feeling you represent the full staff body?
      • Disconnect but we are building structure as a committee and that provides optimism
      • Feel good about representing their group. Position has broad outreach to many staff areas. Looking at areas of collaboration with SAC
      • Other committees have more obvious representation. What positions and platforms do we represent? Feel optimistic about how we are moving forward. 
      • How can we begin to tackle issues that are brought up? Sometimes issues seem bigger than a single individual. Representation can be frustrating because not sure what we are doing (what’s the big picture).
      • Sometimes being a listening agent is the best we can do. Absorb what we can to share input
      • How to make the WSC more visible and what it does? People might have the wrong idea of what we do (e.g we don’t do benefits).
      • What does representation actually mean? Colleagues might not know that we’re on the committee. 
      • Working on the behalf of staff more broadly. Many of us have no formal decision making power. Maybe we can have something like “wards” or “neighborhoods” to create more formal representation.
      • The directory should show who is a member of a committee
      • Optimistic about what this group is trying to achieve. What will representation look like as the College works towards greater DEI initiatives. What is going on in other work areas.
      • Not many committees have a structure like the WSC. The WSC has no formal mandate or focus so while overwhelming it does offer a lot of freedom.
      • Talk with lots of different groups (faculty, staff, senior staff, etc). Working on the history of the committee where and why we started (and where we are going).
  • Subcommittee Reports and Membership Update (15 minutes)
    • Budgeting (Melissa M) 
      • No news yet
    • Claiming Williams (Chris P, Laini S, Veronica B, Dave D, David KC)
      • Friday meeting with Multicultural Bridge CEO to develop a series of workshops
    • FSI + Outreach (Veronica B, Cory C, Dave D, David KC, Laini S)
      • Nothing new
    • Kudos (David J, Chris P, Kim T, Nancy M)
      • Recently submitted a reboot message
      • Working on a collaboration with SAC
      • No honorees this month
      • Need to update the website, will meet later
    • Nominations and Elections (Nate C, Melissa M, Kim T)
    • Strategic Planning (Laini, Krista B, CJ, Aimee R, Cory C)
      • Close to presenting a strategic goal and action steps- a 5 year plan. This is informed by the College strategic planning, but not tied to it. Inspired by the College’s strategic plan initiative and developed to be able to respond to those plans.
    • Business (60 minutes)
      • Maud (10 minutes)
        • Review of 2/12 meeting with Maud and WSC co-chairs (email sent on Feb 12)
        • Quarterly meetings w/ Maud (1 with full WSC, 3 with co-chairs only)
  • WSC Meeting with Maud Mandel: Monday, April 5th, 1-2pm
          • Discussed the structure of the meeting. How can we present a focused and targeted meeting? What are we bringing, and have them interact at that level.
          • Feedback on Fac/Staff report + Governance reports
          • Hear subcommittee reports: Elections committee will report on eligible members to rerun for a seat 
          • WSC feedback on characteristics of CFO that WSC/staff consider important
            • Meeting being scheduled to meet w/ search firm (Likely on another Thursday 10:30am in the next 2-3 weeks). (10 minutes)
            • Veronica will schedule zoom meeting before next Thursday to discuss future CFO role
      • Discuss (and context of this): WSC Accomplishments (Timeline and Roadmap) (10 minutes)
        • Reviewed WSC history and upcoming priorities
      • Discuss: draft of Co-Chair Responsibilities (10 minutes)
      • Iterate: actively work on draft of Subcommittee Chair Responsibilities (20 minutes)
  • Review and put suggestions
  • Select chair before March 25 meeting
    • Next Steps (5 minutes)
  • Staff comments (inquiries to WSC webpage)
    • The College offers many services under the EAP, including financial planning, legal issues, identity theft, and emotional support. I don’t believe these additional services, although available, are not as…necessarily as well advertised as they could be. If I may suggest a once a month daily message at either the first or last day of the month, adding a link to that page, and/or a short description of additional services provided here: https://hr.williams.edu/benefits/eap/. Anything more than once a month would be too often, and really be spam, but maybe at once a month, it gets a bit more notice, and may be of help to someone who either did not realize they had access to this at at all, or forgot that they had access to the services provided by EAP, and it helped them.
    • Anonymous wrote: I’d love to see/know what the college is thinking regarding a more robust remote work policy for those of us who have been doing it successfully for the past year.
  • Continue Discussion on Project Management 
  • How to respond to incoming WSC comments/questions? Consider the FSI + Outreach subcommittee owning incoming wsc-g questions, creating a quick response (TY for contacting us. You can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks.), and then create a google doc of a real response that is shared with the full WSC list
    • Homework: Review these two college reports, and watch the two CW videos:
      • How to collect our thoughts on this homework assignment? 
      • We will create a google doc to collect ideas on these issues. Discussed how to solicit those opinions, decided for full transparency, but thoughts will be kept within the group.
  • Due by March 2
  • CW Opening Keynote: Claiming Williams Keynote: Ericka Hart (Passcode: [email protected])
  • Due by March 25, in preparation for meeting with Maud on April 5th



Next Meeting: Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Zoom)