March 2021 Agenda and Minutes

Vision Statement: The WSC envisions a campus where all staff have a voice and are encouraged to “climb high, climb far.”
Mission Statement: The mission of the Williams Staff Committee is to engage and empower all staff as invested members of our campus community while advancing the College’s mission.

Belief Statement: As essential contributors to the educational mission of Williams, a diversity of staff must be equitably represented in College governance and decision making, and have inclusive opportunities for leadership, professional development, and knowledge sharing.

WSC Meeting: March 25, 2021

Date: March 25, 2021, 10:30am-12pm

Zoom Meeting:  

Participants: Nathan Cook, David Keiser-Clark, Laini Sporbert, Aimee Reische, Chris Parker, Dave Dewey, David Jolin, Melissa Mongeon, Nancy Macauley, Veronica Bosley, Cory Campbell, Kim Tremblay

Absent: CJ Hazell


  • Welcome + check in (10 minutes)
    • Opening query: Reflecting on Maud’s expression of “I’m a total fan of: Build it and they will come,” how are we each feeling about how the WSC is shaping up and how that intersects with the faculty and staff and governance strategic reports.
      • How does this mesh with the strategic planning process and with the governing report.
      • Is the WSC growing from within to keep up with the pace of the strategic planning process to represent the WSC and staff?
      • Limited due to COVID, not everyone is on campus to connect with.
      • We are a group that should be listened to – meetings with Maud and SpencerStuart for example. KUDOs program and the DEI workshops are improving!
      • Hoping our meetings with Maud might help provide some indications from her perspective of where should we push and where should we back off
      • There’s a lot of optimism in the report, and what are the concrete things that need to change? We should formalize relationships so we are not dependent on the favor of senior admin and the president.
      • COVID has greatly increased awareness of staff contribution to the college.
      • We need to present solutions to problems, not just problems.
      • We are in that process right now, so much has changed in a few years. A lot more than just KUDOs and complaining
  • Subcommittee Reports and Membership Update (30 minutes)
    • Budgeting (Melissa M) 
      • No news for now. Maybe the next go around!
      • What items are in the budget and what could we change for the next attempt? 
      • What are some best practices for submitting a budget?
      • Can we take donations?? Maybe development could talk to alumni? How do donations get authorized and managed?
      • Development has a “request for new fund” form that, if approved, sets up a new account number, that allows any earmarked funds to be put into that account
      • Important to work towards having some financial independence that would allow WSC to provide services when we want to do so, and not solely based on college funding
    • Claiming Williams (Chris P., Laini S, Veronica B, Dave D, David KC)
        • 2021 Williams Staff Committee: Bias and Belonging workshop
        • Met with Gwendolyn and the Multicultural BRIDGE regarding the programming and training. “Facilitator Training” for moderating and guiding a group regarding DEI, how to hold space, and awareness of cultural competencies
        • Training will be held on April 14th or 20th. The training is a two hour session from 1-3 pm. Who can be involved and who we should reach out to include? 
        • Workshop will be held April 29th 10am-11:30am. Via Zoom with a registration process but is otherwise open.
        • WSC show of hands for interest in participating in the 2-hour “Facilitator Training”? ~7 WSC members (Laini, Chris, Aimee, Veronica, David, Nate, Dave Dewey)
        • Approval to reach out to WRJPR re: Facilitators Training? (David KC)
    • FSI + Outreach (Veronica B, Cory C, Dave D, David KC, Laini S)
        • WSC website redesign
          • Nate Cook will email Michael Storm regarding staging
          • Staging site
          • Choosing template(s)
          • Modifying and moving content
          • Need full estimate of photography costs (photoshoot, design, handoff)
        • Email to CPR chair
          • Public forum about CPR business and advertised for ideas on how to diversify the committee. We sent a letter asking for non-senior staff representation. The chair sent this letter on to the FSC (Tiku) and we will meet
        • SpencerStuart interview + subsequent letter
          • Went to Maud, Tiku (FSC), Danielle (SAC), and SpencerStuart
          • Evidence of our outreach
    • Kudos (David J, Chris P, Kim T, Nancy M)
      • Reviewed 12 nominations from January from March. For January, decided to honor a department that was nominated in January – Media Services (two gift cards). February is honoring two custodians. March also has two candidates.
      • Met to update the KUDOs website
      • Zoom recognitions are going
    • Nominations and Elections (Nate C, Melissa M, Kim T)
      • Nate Cook was designated as chair
      • Daily messages: please review before messages go out
      • Website: add your suggestions. This is the landing page to inform potential nominees
      • Voting: voting to extend membership for 4 members
      • Question: do we request exit interviews for departing members, and if not, would that be useful information to help our group continue to grow? When do we do this? What other things keep the committee relevant year-round?
    • Strategic Planning (Laini S, David KC, Krista B, CJ, Aimee R, Cory C)
      • Update on Strategic Goals and Objectives
        • Draft will be presented to full WSC before they are voted on
        • Pass along to subcommittees in how they will meet bigger goals
      • Update on by-laws
        • Draft will be presented to full WSC before they are voted on
        • How the committee runs… basically stuff that explains how the committee works. How is this particular thing generally done, for example.





  • Meeting with Maud on April 5th (1-2pm): Prepare
    • Maud wants to discuss increasing the visibility of the WSC on campus, and the need to help to increase our ability to network with other groups (esp. the Faculty Steering Committee).
      • Subcommittee reports (with a focus through June)
        • Keep these brief, what we do and what we plan to do in each committee
        • Highlight the workshops
        • Highlight projects


      • SpencerStuart letter reflected a lot of what we said
      • Laini will edit the reports to focus on staff sections
      • Dave Dewey will coordinate a meeting for this next week 4/30 @ 2pm DONE
  • Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance Monthly Workshops
        • Veronica will follow up on how this works
        • Opportunity for the WSC to consider putting forth one name each month for consideration for participation in these virtual sessions
        • Would be great if a WSC member was at each meeting
          • Veronica will check in with Ngonidzashe Munemo and get back to WSC
    • WSC Community Suggestions – Is Outreach handling responses? If not, whom?
  • Of note: other important campus initiatives
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
  • Staff comments (inquiries to WSC webpage) – 
    • “I’m just curious to know if another survey is planned to go out this summer/fall about staff returning to working on campus, including how working remotely changed us over the last year?” Thank you for your time. 
    • Help Build Community! – make EAP benefit postings more frequently available… (summarized)

Next Meeting: Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Zoom)