Monthly Honorees

November Honorees

Mark LaBonte (Dining Services ) “Mark comes in to get our dishes each night, and he always brings such a positive attitude to the space. My friends and I are almost always sitting in the common room at the time, and we’ve come to look forward to seeing Mark. One… Continue reading »

October 2020 Honorees

October Honorees:   Rodd Lanoue (Trainer, Athletics, PE and Recreation) As head athletic trainer, the main medical person for all students who participate in varsity athletics as well as many club sport athletes, Rodd is responsible for the well being of more than a third of Williams’ students. Continue reading »

November KUDOS

Congratulations to the November winners Jose and Keith! Jose has stepped up in the window washing role here in the Physics Dept. The windows have been getting dirty with the pollen rolling in and Jose gallantly cleaned them since the campus window washer has been called away these past few… Continue reading »

September KUDOS

Congratulations to Zach Myers in Mechanical Trades! I was called to the presidents house for a skunk in a trap, ( my partner was out that day) Zach was next to me and volunteered to help. Not only did he help, he stepped right in covered the trap… Continue reading »

July 2019 Winners

Since the first time I met Kim, she has been a bright smiling face, eager to help no matter the request. Whenever there is a Williams Facilities Kudos winner, Kim is the one who goes above and beyond during her busy work day to help me schedule the… Continue reading »

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