Monthly Nominees

January 2020 KUDOS Nominees

Jessie Garner – Financial Aid Jessie has taken her responsibility of the logistics of getting emergency aid to students this year. She has been Uber responsive, accommodating, and creative in her approach to help students get what they need. This includes talking with billing departments at hospitals, meeting students at… Continue reading »

Nominees September 2019

Zach Myers – Mechanical Trades I was called to the presidents house for a skunk in a trap , (my partner was out that day) Zach was next to me and volunteered to help. Not only did he help he stepped right in covered the trap with a blanket and… Continue reading »

Nominees August 2019

Keith Comer – Facilities Keith saw me in the parking lot struggling to carry a large package of books into the building with my keycard dangling from one hand and my car keys wedged in my mouth. He offered help and carried my books for me, even though he appeared… Continue reading »

Nominees July 2019

Michelle Larabee and Luis Alberto Rivera Michelle and Luis both do meticulous custodial work in 37 House (Michelle as her regular assignment and Luis as her occasional alternate.) Each of them, at separate moments, made a point to introduce themselves to me, in part to see if I had any… Continue reading »

Nominees June 2019

Dawn Jamros was nominated twice, go Dawn! Dawn has helped me carry packages to faculty’s offices while my shoulder is recovering from an injury. She exemplifies the meaning of Williams each and every day by doing small things that bring huge meaning to the administrative staff here in the sciences. Continue reading »

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