Monthly Nominees

Nominees July 2019

Michelle Larabee and Luis Alberto Rivera Michelle and Luis both do meticulous custodial work in 37 House (Michelle as her regular assignment and Luis as her occasional alternate.) Each of them, at separate moments, made a point to introduce themselves to me, in part to see if I had any… Continue reading »

Nominees June 2019

Dawn Jamros was nominated twice, go Dawn! Dawn has helped me carry packages to faculty’s offices while my shoulder is recovering from an injury. She exemplifies the meaning of Williams each and every day by doing small things that bring huge meaning to the administrative staff here in the sciences. Continue reading »

Nominees April 2019

Robert Crouse, Facilities Robert has always been the kind, warm smile when one enters the library every morning. Bob & Paul took upon themselves to return ALL of the furniture on L1 Forum, which was way above and beyond their daily tasks. There was a plan to get this done,… Continue reading »

Nominees March 2019

Ryan Tainter, Communications I was stuck on a scrolling issue in an application I was developing for a faculty project. After wrestling with it for a few hours I reached out to the webteam on their informal Slack channel and asked for help. Ryan jumped into a chat with me… Continue reading »

Nominees February 2019

Bonnie Bresett, Ellen Atwater, Roberta Sweet, and Ellen Richardson, Children’s Center I want to nominate 4 teachers from the children’s center for the kudos award. Ellen Richardson, Bonnie Bresett, Ellen Atwater and Roberta Sweet. I have enjoyed doing carpentry projects with the kids at the school for a… Continue reading »

Nominees January 2019

Steve Amman, Media Services I’ve been teaching a Winter Study course in Sawyer 501 and have had a good deal of trouble with the media projection system. Steve has responded to my real-time calls for help with great speed and efficiency. He has also done so in a… Continue reading »

Nominees December 2018

Andrew Briggs, Facilities I am submitting this today, but this is something that occurs almost daily, not just the one time. Andy is our custodian over in Mears West. I come in much earlier than most of the other people in the building, so I get to see first hand… Continue reading »

Nominees November 2018

Pamela Richard, Custodial Services Whenever I see Pam around Marhop it brightens my day! She always wishes me well and pauses her busy day to have a brief conversation with me or my friends. Her genuine kindness means a lot, and helps make the dorm feel like home. Nominated by:… Continue reading »