Monthly Nominees

Nominees – January 2014

Theresa Lepicier Dept: Development “She is always cheerful and friendly. Will always stop what she is doing to help out or answer a question. Great co-worker!” Submitted by: Philippa Cully Jim Lillie Dept: OIT- ELC: Equipment Loan Center “I like to think of myself as generally tech savvy; I handle… Continue reading »

Nominees – December 2013

Barbara Bell Dept: Theatre Barbara Bell, and her assistant, Samantha Patterson completed an epic semester of providing costumes for performers in the Theatre Department and Dance Department. They go above and beyond to support our student performers. Barbara and Samantha shepherded well over 200 costumes through their shop, this semester… Continue reading »

Nominees – November 2013

Kristen Tool Dept: Children’s Center Kristen is the resource teacher and school-age teacher. She has stepped up into the lead position while a colleague is on maternity leave and has done a fabulous job. She always brings ideas to each and every classroom to enhance the curriculum. She goes the… Continue reading »

Nominees – October 2013

Lynn Taft Dept: Collection Management in Sawyer Library This is so far overdue and I hope it’s not too late to nominate Lynn Taft for amazing job throughout the entire month of April 2013. One of our colleagues was retiring in May and the library wanted to do… Continue reading »

Nominees – September 2013

September 2013 Nominees: Mark Granchamp Dept: Facilities Mark found a tiny little purple velvet drawstring bag in the south stairwell of the B&L Building on Tuesday, 9/17. He turned it in to our office knowing we were the only people using that stairwell. Unbeknownst to me, it had fallen… Continue reading »

Nominees – July 2013

Molly O’Brien (Dining Services) “Molly has worked with the Development Office on many events for our alumni. She ALWAYS makes extra special efforts to make events flow seamlessly and is a great team player and always treats the staff that works with her with the utmost respect. Molly goes above… Continue reading »

Nominees – June 2013

Jody  Kocsis , Facilities I had e-mailed Rick Daniels, the Lead Custodian for our building, asking if half-a-dozen cartons of old paper records could be taken to a secure recycling room, and from there taken to the recycling trailer. These records are too confidential to leave out in the hall,… Continue reading »

Nominees – May 2013

Bev Delisle, and Tricia Koch, Dining Services I want to highlight the entire snack bar staff, but especially Bev Delisle and Tricia Koch. I eat at the Lee Snack Bar frequently.  They are both always especially friendly, even during the busy lunchtime rush. They are happy to accommodate special requests and  answer… Continue reading »

Nominees – April 2013

Abby  Bienkowski, Controller’s Office “Both Abby and Lisa Gazaille together (I can’t nominate one without the other) worked on a tight schedule over several weeks in March to help the Athletic Department implement a pilot program for a non-cash method of providing meal money to athletes traveling on spring trips. Continue reading »

Nominees – March 2013

3/28/13 Roy Parks Facilities “A student was walking in the hallway at Facilities and stopped me to ask if I could help him find someone who would be able to drill a hole in his Lacrosse stick. I told him to wait there a minute. I went into… Continue reading »